You say tomato, I say to-mah-to!

Dripping with sarcasm and cynicism, Weston Miller is the stereotypical bully of East High. He is an out-and-out sociopath, racist, sexist and adamant segregationist. He is the corrupt mastermind behind a massive conspiracy to put the end to Troy Bolton's hierarchy of East High and instigates a murderous plot, no matter who gets hurt or killed. Weston, who is only in his late teens, will be East High's most sociopathic resident, bullying the lives of social outcasts for decades to come.

He's much less composed and self-controlled than his friend, Bobby, (as shown during his actions in the Pilot) and his sadistic behavior. Weston is determined, evil and charismatic. He cannot understand why Troy wants to help people, and is genuinely surprised when Troy stands up to him when defending new kid, Brett Shimura. Also when his schemes defects, you can tell from his voice and his expression that he didn't anticipate that, not that it makes his stand down.

While Bobby was a high-functioning sociopath motivated by ambition and with a complete lack of empathy, Weston is WAY more overt in his hatred for social outcasts and is motivated by revenge, although he has a degree of empathy for his parents. Also while Bobby was ultimately a self-preservationist who changed his ways against those he bullied, Weston was maniacally evil even after Bobby had turned on him.

He can act polite and affable when it suits him, but can lose his composure and turn violent at the drop of a hat. Case in point: when talking to Brett, he's initially calm and somewhat sane towards him until Brett refuses to kiss him, upon which Weston loses his temper and attempts to attack Brett. His fatal flaw is his thirst for vengeance. While he shows at Ryan Evans and Brett and other times his all-consuming thirst for vengeance causes him to be an abusive kid.

Nothing official is known about his past, but we can assume something made him want to be the king of East High perhaps more than Troy ever did. Weston was a dominating, highly intelligent and proud person himself which already in itself would be enough for a kingship to be your ultimate dream but it could be that he was a few months younger than Troy, and Troy acted too much of a saint, meaning well but causing Weston some more power/freedom complex.

Weston is a world-class bully, an all-around horrible, selfish person, and a vicious racist. His inexcusable racist behaviors do not just extend to bullying; once he figures out Troy is looking for a change in the social atmosphere in East High, he immediately decides that if Troy is not with the rest of the "men," then he must be against them.

Physical Appearance


Personality and Traits

From his first appearance to his final appearance, Weston Miller proves himself to be inseparable from his own evil intentions. Even with this mask, Weston's psychopathic tendencies tend to seep through and become apparent to the viewer, particularly in the opening sequence. If he has ever had a doubt about his own ruthless nature, it is never shown, as he is so determined to bring Troy Bolton down that he's willing to sacrifice innocent lives to the cause. Such a violent attitude manifests itself in the way Weston goes about his daily life as his manipulation tactics are constantly unsheathed, and he treats people harshly, teaching them to hate as he knows so well how to do. Even when his best friend, Bobby Hatchery abandons him, Weston has such faith in himself that he makes a final desperate stand against anyone who stands in his way. Weston proves himself to be highly intelligent and manipulative — able to callously manipulate Brett Shimura into thinking Troy was manipulative (as seen in Get'cha Head in the Game).

By nature, Weston is very dark in tone, with a wicked sense of humor. During such wickedness, he speaks in a malicious tone, as if his only concern is the satisfaction of his victims. This makes Weston's schemes easier to fall for, though should he feel a deal is going nowhere, he resorts to pressuring his victims into accepting his manipulation games, additionally portraying himself as their last attempt at making their dreams come true. Weston sadistically ensures his victims fail at upholding their end of the deal, resulting in their souls being forever in his possessions. As well as being intensely sadistic, Weston was consumed by megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur, even though he was absurdly skilled at ruling, making far more problems than ever. He is able to cover his sociopathic nature beneath a charming veneer. Once things start going awry, he undergoes into severe murderous insanity

Villainous Deeds


  • Pretty much the most monstrous character in the series; he has little to no inhibitions and he would do terrible things if he thought he could get away with them.
    • In the Pilot, he gets new kid Brett Shimura roofied at a party and videotapes a drunk Brett lying on the ground in his own feces — posts the humiliating video on East High’s website and social media; and tries to sexually harass Ryan Evans.
    • In the second episode, he plots a massive conspiracy by concocting an evil plan to take over the school and murder Troy Bolton (and enjoys it even more BUT backfired; however while he proved deadly and conniving about setting that goal in motion, he proved completely incompetent in actually posing as King, only seeking the benefits and grandeur of the role rather than its important duties).
  • Easily the most important villain of the entire series, since each antagonist was not as diabolical as him.
    • Possesses all of the classical traits of a sociopath: an outrageous temper, is delusional, and quick to torment and harm anyone who displeases him.
    • His psychopathic features became obvious by many traits such as a lack of remorse or empathy, egomania, and capacity for violent tendencies.
    • He hugely enjoyed the agony of others, and playing sadistic manipulation tales with Brett.
    • Because of his own obsession with power, Weston was extremely arrogant, narcissistic and self-centered to a fault. He genuinely believed that HE had a right to rule over whatever property of East High he inhabited, and expected all to obey and do his bidding out of a delusional sense of entitlement.
    • As well as being intensely sadistic, Weston was consumed by megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur, even though he was absurdly skilled at ruling, making far more problems than ever.
    • Was able to cover his sociopathic nature beneath a charming veneer. Once things start going awry, he undergoes into severe murderous insanity.
  • Weston may be bisexual; indicating that he is interested in both boys AND girls.
  • A tactical genius and capable of manipulating any situation to his advantage: could control, corrupt, and twist anyone's minds into obeying and trusting him to do his evil bidding with just his words and feigned kindness, as he does towards Brett — though he didn't realize Weston's true murderous nature.
    • This is because Weston has always been ‘below’ Troy. Troy was decided to be the heir ever since Freshmen Year.
    • This meant that Weston had to grow up in the shadows. As a way to deal with this, he developed a superiority complex, which means that he is now trying to compensate for the feeling of inferiority. This is done through bragging, being aggressive, and trying to overpower others, which in turn leads to the Antisocial Personality Disorder.
  • Due to using his powers for evil, Weston lost his opportunity for power completely and descended further into depression, becoming shriveled and horrible.