“ And you. Don’t pretend your faggot self wouldn’t enjoy the sight of me being gagged for another reason. ”

Weston Miller is the most insane, psychotic resident, and is considered the cruelest student East High will ever have. He will be the most infamous and psychopathic bully at East High for centuries to come.

Weston is crazy. That, everybody knew. Even the teachers had to be wary of what they said or did around Weston — he was just so odd. So confused with little grip on reality. Nobody had a clue, and truth be told, none of his classmates had any idea what Weston's home-life was like.

Raised in a poor, violent environment by his mentally-ill parents, Weston rapidly developed into a hateful, loathing individual who would often display immediate negative and stereotypical feelings towards those around him (particularly his classmates). In particular, Weston's deep homophobic persona lead to him choosing Brett Shimura as his favorite bullying target. Despite his hostile nature however, during his childhood, Weston would go on to make friends among other bullies of his age.

In addition to being a complete sociopath, Weston is also snobby and unpleasant to any he sees himself as superior to, which is almost everyone, and he is clearly pleased when he doesn't have to pretend to be nice anymore. He would have happily ruined any person’s life who he viewed as a threat. That was the thing about Weston, he never liked to get his hands dirty unless he had to. Or the job was just best done himself. Weston is an extremely psychotic, arrogant, selfish and uncaring person, who regularly hangs out with the likes of others, and the other Wildcats. However, when it comes to Weston, he has shown a psychotic side, and will do whatever it takes to protect himself, including orchestrating violent attacks and attempted murder. It is suspected that Weston's sociopathic behavior is a result of his incestuous home-life. As well as being intensely sadistic, Weston is consumed by megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur, even though he is absurdly un-skilled at being kind, making far more problems than he solves (though he is literally unable to see this and un-apologetic for doing so).

He is shown to be a complete psychopath. At the end of the day, behind Weston's excuse of torture, this is what he truly is. He shows no qualms about betraying and attempting to kill others for power despite knowing him for a decade, he has no regard to the lives of his own kind, he only cares about himself. Weston is a jerk who continually teases, harasses and mercilessly bullies his un-popular, and fellow outcast classmates for their differences. He is an extremely cruel, sadistic, manipulative, and ruthless bully. He is something of a misanthrope, and callously bullies his targets. He would go so far as to target the supremely weak individuals in the school.

Weston displays such a profound lack of character from start to finish, it's impossible to imagine a scenario in which he can atone for his many sins. He even runs away from the chance to speak at Brett’s depositions, further putting distance between himself and the fact that he set off a sequence of events that would deeply damage Brett. Weston is selfish, psychopathic, cowardly, uncaring and unconcerned about others well-being. The thing he cares about most is his reputation. He does most things in school to expand his influence and strengthen his farce of being good and caring. Under pressure, he'll always think of himself first. He's not only so selfish, he sacrifices a friend to save his name, he covers up his diabolical schemes to have it silenced and shows no remorse towards Brett. He refuses to accept being responsible for his part in Brett's depression. The majority of Weston's insults tend to run on the homophobic side, or imply his victims are un-masculine. He is an absolute perfectionist and insists on being seen as flawlessly diabolical at all times, freaking out if anyone sees him as any less, he plans things far in advance, he is obsessed with proving how smart he is at every opportunity, reacts to minor slights and inconveniences with extreme anger and wrath, he has no empathy what-so-ever, he is completely incapable of admitting to being wrong about anything, he is obsessed with trying to change the people in his life and freaks out if they rebuff him, he tends to see people in black and white terms and he lies and cheats with no remorse at all. Add in his childhood and it's clear something is seriously wrong with him.

Personality and Traits Edit

Due to his dysfunctional upbringing, Weston Miller has developed an abusive attitude and hostility towards his environment, becoming a known bully across the town who targets defenseless people and occasionally even animals. Weston is a sociopath, and by the time he had turned twelve, he had become a full-fledged psychopath. He had the peculiar illusion known as solipsism disorder that he was the only 'real' being and that everybody else (in the universe) was merely fake. Weston also has no sense of hurting and no real sense of being hurt. His teachers found him to be an apathetic student — and a rather disturbing one too (the children agreed with these assumptions, as Weston had the creepy hobby that involved him killing flies with his green school-time ruler and putting them in his pencil case — he also often exhibited the dead flies to new students). He is without a moral compass and possesses no scruples and conscience. He is also an extremist who shows no compassion, love or concern to anyone.

His harassment towards ethnic minorities and the LGBTQ community are incisive elements for him being perceived as a racist and homophobe, although it is not entirely clear whether he is actually biased against them, or just exploits pre-existing prejudices and tensions to create chaos in the surrounding environment. He is, however, openly misogynistic, viewing women as inferior to men, and holds the belief that they are incapable of holding places of power and importance in society. Despite this, he has displayed a sexual interest in both males and females, though it is unclear if he is actually attracted to them or just uses sexual orientations as a means to further entrance others into following his deranged viewpoints.

By nature, Weston is very dark in tone, with a wicked sense of humor. During such wickedness, he speaks in a malicious tone, as if his only concern is the satisfaction of his victims. This makes Weston's schemes easier to fall for, though should he feel a deal is going nowhere, he resorts to pressuring his victims into accepting his manipulation games, additionally portraying himself as their last attempt at making their dreams come true. Weston sadistically ensures his victims fail at upholding their end of the deal, resulting in their souls being forever in his possessions. The motivation of such practices are never revealed for any individual other than Brett Shimura, whom Weston uses to obtain power over him, implying Weston simply enjoys causing havoc to the innocent, having no sense of true morality or remorse for those he torments. 

Trivia Edit

  • He is considered to be the most cruel and evil character of the series.
    • Already being a murderous sociopath himself by the end of the series, has shown to have disgust for Weston and his actions. He is even sometimes called "psychopath" by other characters.
    • Weston's sociopathy is the result of his father's abuse and violent personality, he is also driven by rage rather than cruelty.
    • On the other hand, he is a psychopathic sexual sadist who enjoys causing chaos for absolutely no reason other than his own amusement and pleasure.
  • Weston may be bisexual; indicating that he is interested in both boys and girls.
  • Constantly bullies and torments Brett Shimura and Ryan Evans.
  • Weston’s major problem is that he never bothers to get to know Brett Shimura, much less be changed or moved by him. As a result, he has nothing to add to Brett’s story. He is too self-involved to be interested in Brett, too consumed by what he thinks other kids are thinking about him.