The world looks different to me than before.

Troy Alexander Bolton is the King of East High. He is the playmaker of the school's Varsity basketball team, and is idolized by everyone around him. He is the boyfriend of Gabriella Montez. Troy is also one of the sweetest and most gentle guys on campus. He is the only child to Jack and Lucille Bolton.

The school considers Troy their King and the most popular guy for three reasons: 1) He is incredibly hot, 2) He is the best basketball player the school ever saw, and 3) The most important is that he is incredibly selfless. He doesn’t think he deserves the recognition he gets, and he is always looking out for others. He never tolerates any type of bullying and always calls bullies out on it when he knows it is happening, even if the entire student body is watching. He wouldn't change his life for anything; his values mean a lot to him, and the school as a whole made him popular. Troy rules East High through charisma and general awesomeness rather than fear and manipulation. To the students of East High, Troy is the definition of goodness and heroism, and in turn, they constantly praise Troy and treat him with the utmost admiration and respect. Troy and his relationship with social outcasts transcends the school. He has nothing to gain from helping people with their social and love life. Troy is aware he's popular at East High but he never ever abuses his status to manipulate it to his advantage; definitely not in the same way that his basketball team, does. Troy is the type of popular jock who respects and talks to everyone, making others around him feel better about themselves. 

Troy was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 18, 2000. His parents were glad to have them and as a small baby he had gotten his first little basketball which he always held with him. He grew up to be an active toddler and was always playing outside with the other kids in the neighboorhood. At pre-school, he met Chad Danforth and they quickly became friends and today are still best friends, or like they say brothers to each other. When he was growing up, he became more active and started to play some sports like basketball and some baseball too once and a while, but he liked basketball more. He joined the basketball team in Elementary school and he was quite good at it but most important he found it fun and liked to play it. Chad, his best friend also joined the team and they and the rest of the team became good friends as they knew they could count on each other. As the years passed by and High school came closer, they still were friends and the whole team went to East High along with a lot of others from their former school. When they were kids, Troy was rather quiet and Chad, who has always been loud and confident, was the one to get him out of his shell, while Troy has always kept Chad’s head in the game (pun intended) when he was being too brash. You can bet that they have pulled a lot of pranks like the one they pulled on Jimmie Zara and Donny Dion. The Wildcats cheer is something Troy and Chad came up with together. It seems like the kind of dorky thing they would do.

Even though Troy is the most popular and the hottest boy in school, he's also the nicest and kindest guy you’ll ever meet. He is the boldest and the most outspoken of the characters, often not afraid to say what he really thinks of a person. Troy is the envy of the student body, with guys wanting to be him, and girls wanting to be with him. There may have even been guys who wanted to be with him as well. Troy discovers he loves to sing, but is afraid to admit it to his friends. Troy is able to sing from his heart in a naïve yet convincing manner. Being the all-around lovable and charming jock, woe to anyone who trifles with him, he cares about people's lives and wants to help them. His independence nevertheless makes him a beloved and respected figure to others. Now Troy's popularity has nothing to do with the fact he is the captain of the Wildcats or even being the hottest boy in East High. Troy's popular because he is also part of a program that prevents bullying and keeps students at East High safe from all physical and mental bullying.

Troy is arguably the only selfless, and even self-sacrificing character in the series. He’s the moral center of the group, a jock with a heart of gold, a die-hard romantic who doesn’t care what your hobbies are, he'll support you regardless, as long as it makes you happy.

He's a conflicted cinnamon roll who is truly too good and too pure for the universe he was created for, and he and his dynamic, multi-faceted character and relatability deserves infinitely better. Instead of bullying, he takes a vested interest in everyone’s happiness and well-being.

Physical Appearance

Described as "the hottest boy at East High", Troy Bolton has cerulean or cabot blue eyes, floppy medium lengthened brown chestnut-colored hair, high cheekbones, a strong jawline, perfect eyebrows, a straight nose and full lips. He has a very athletic body and the height to match. Weighing in around a 140-pounds of pure body muscle. He is a tall boy, standing at 5'8" tall. His skin is light with a milk and rose complexion which sums up his innocent and playful personality, and speaks about how much he enjoys being outside. Hitting the gym every other day, along with playing basketball constantly, he has nicely defined muscles. However, throughout the second season and beyond, his body is more defined and becomes more muscular as he develops and his hair is stylishly spiked. 

Troy doesn’t have any preferred type of clothing. Basically he’ll wear anything that is in style and considered to be cool and the hottest fashion. He is mostly seen in the latest fashion of wearing a shirt that seems too small so when he stretches, a nice view of his abs are shown. Of course the pants that hangs loosely around his waist revealing the tops of either his boxers or briefs. He doesn’t mind wearing clothing that is tight on him either, he does enjoy showing off his hard earned muscles. He does wear occasional slightly baggy shirts as well.

Personality and Traits

It's hard to believe how much being a friend really means to someone. Most people take it for granted, like they do a lot of things. To a person who doesn't have any though, one friend can mean the world. Even a simple smile or hello can change a person's day.

Though, popular and a stereotypical jock, Troy Bolton has love and respect for everyone and has no problem stepping out of his social circle to fraternize with the other students. He is the friendliest and kindest guy to ever walk the halls of East High. He is pretty much everyone's best friend, and you could always count and depend on him. Troy is excessively trustworthy and beloved all throughout East High. He has a big heart, and although he tends to keep his emotions under control — and even under wraps — a majority of the time, he is capable of expressing his true feelings in a genuine, powerful light. Fun-loving, friendly, respectful, polite, and a little naïve, Troy possesses high-spirits and optimism. Despite being a jock, Troy retains a genial demeanor towards others. Troy also has high hopes on helping to others in need, especially East High’s social outcasts. His vibrant personality makes it easy for him to interact and connect with others. Troy simply strives to be a role-model for others. He has a "love of humanity" concept of helping one's community whenever possible. Troy goes out of his way to help the poor, downtrodden, sick or elderly. This is most often achieved through his financial philanthropy, giving money to worthy causes, but may be done through volunteer work as well. He is the one who wants to look out for others safety from dangers he doesn't even know about. Troy has no problems with people of other colors or sexual orientation.

Troy is selfless, constantly putting his safety at risk for the sake of those he cares about. This proves his kindness and pleasant aura that makes him a beloved figure. Since childhood, he has harbored a dream to become an optimist, solely for the opportunity to help those in need and make the world a better place. He cares deeply for the well-being of others, and would be more than happy to offer a helping hand to them. Troy often remains relatively calm in perilous situations, or gives words of encouragement during the darkest hours. He is well-known for his kindness and optimism — both of which act as his greatest strengths, as they've guided him safely through the various hardships faced throughout the series. Troy is most interested in people — and not necessarily the kind of people you would normally expect. We wouldn't say Troy is some wide-eyed, naïve optimist — he just seems able to see the good and the beauty in unlikely places. In short, he definitely likes to watch and analyze people. Another way we know Troy loves people (and is good with them): he does his best to help them, even when it screws up his own life. Troy sees goodness in everyone to a fault, but through it all he’s a good person with a huge heart and a fatherly soul. Troy is a serious gentleman who cares about other people and how they should be treated. He isn't a violent or hot-tempered person by any stretch of the imagination, but when it comes to protecting those he cares most, all bets are off. He completely swears off violence and will almost never resort to it. If a situation does come up where Troy does actually have to resort to violence, he will not hesitate to protect his friends or loved-ones, especially Gabriella. Troy does not need to resort to violence most of the time, though helping the forces of good by doing things like healing, shielding or standing up for the innocent.

Troy Bolton is quite the charmer. He has the confidence, good-looks, and quick wit to back it all up, too. He clearly wins at boyish charm, a somewhat elusive quality best marked by impish smiles and genuine sweetness. He exudes this swoon-worthy trait, and sometimes it’s almost too much for people to handle. As a charmer, Troy can sweet-talk literally anyone. He wins at the boyish charm thing because he just wears his feelings on his sleeve. He is both charming and legitimately cares about those he charms. Troy can’t hide looks like this — they’re perfectly genuine and perfectly adorable. He has a lot of charisma. Troy is probably one of the most charismatic characters in the show.

The King of East High, the star of the basketball team, a talented singer and actor, the guy everyone looks up to — with the perfect girl, the perfect best friend, and nearly every teacher's favorite student (with the exception, somewhat, of Miss Darbus), Troy always tries to do the right thing, he'd never hurt another soul intentionally. This is one of the many reasons why the student body of East High worships him. The Wildcat leader practically never turns anyone away; Troy is, despite his popularity and fortunate life, a very compassionate person. With no negativity within him, Troy is the physical embodiment of positivity and innocence. He’s not one to talk behind someone's back or insult someone. He is completely honest and trustworthy, and he never, ever breaks his promises. Troy is the definition of a "go-getter". This is what makes him diverse from any other boy. Once he says something, he means it, and that's what goes. He never backs down on his word. As the ultimate "Mister Nice Guy" of East High, Troy is a kid in love with life; the classic high school king, on top of the world. He always thinks there's some good in people, no matter how bad they are. Sure, he gets swayed a little bit throughout the course of the series, but he proves that he’s a loyal Wildcat through-and-through in the end. He will happily give anyone a chance, unless they seem false to him, or, are intentionally nasty to him. Troy is a person who sticks up for the little guy and people who don't have a voice of their own. He has a passion for the arts, reading, and studying drama whilst playing basketball. He also is curious about the unknown, such as his life after East High. He forgives people with ease, even when they do not deserve it. Sweet and even a bit naïve, Troy tries to see good in everyone, and wants to bring that good out of others, especially if it turns out to be musical talent. Troy is also perfectly willing to over-look obvious personality flaws. He is full to the brim with optimism, kindness, mischief, and fun. His peace-making and affable nature has allowed him to make many friends, ranging from fellow jocks to social outcasts all over East High. Troy also respects nature and is a good-hearted person, and he will do anything for anyone, even a stranger who has difficulties.

Role in Series



Troy Bolton breathing heavily.

Troy Bolton's palms were sweaty, along with the rest of his golden body that was drenched in that same salty liquid. The bronze skin glistened like rain had fallen contracted around his huge muscles. Bulging biceps, defined six-pack abdominals, protruding pectorals, everything seemed to be pulsating as his head lifted from the shining hardwood. Drowning azure orbs flashed beneath the holy lights from above. His rapidly beating heart slammed against his stone chest with force. It was the only sound in the enormous gym besides his ragged breathing that rattled his ribcage. His hands were shaking as he felt the bumpy surface of the orange sphere turn beneath his fingertips. The illuminated neon clock on the wall paused its ticking. The soundless crowd leapt up and down in their comfortable seats. The handsome senior dressed in a scarlet and white uniform, stepped to the black line free throw slowly, still deaf to every screaming fans. His normally light-chestnut hair that had been separated into midnight sweat-drenched threads, tossing his shag away from his sticky forehead. He couldn't see the other players in the matching uniforms surround him, an ally to the basket. The true blue and yellow high school basketball team stepped between the spaces between the Wildcat enemies. The boy with the number fourteen plastered on his back narrowed his dark brow at the rivals. The stands that held the ecstatic red superfans were divided, straight down the middle. The sea of crimson was separated by a single row of chairs, not even the excitement of the most important game of the year able to bring them together. Not the last game of the season. The glowing scoreboard read 63 to 57, Wildcats. They were on their way to victory. The teenager closed his eyes again, still only aware of his flaming heartbeat and the trickles of sweat that grazed down his smooth face. He took a strong inhale of oxygen, just before he heard it. The soft voice that seemed to cut through the rest made his blood rush fluidly through his veins. The honey-sweet tone that canceled every other screeching fan away whispered in his tender ear. The only one that mattered. The East High's junior captain turned his head slowly, sparkling blue lasers in search for the one. His ocean-blue eyes locked on a petite, long dark black-colored haired beauty standing on the second-to-last row of the stands that were jam packed. He could see her olive skin radiating off the golden lights from above, like a heavenly figure in a mass of hell. Like a spotlight shone down upon her in perfection, making her eyes glitter with nervousness. "Give me strength." Troy whispered in his velvet voice before turning away from his love.

Troy during the game.

The arena's eyes were on him, judging as he turned the rigid ball in his hands. Adrenaline was surging through his throbbing veins as he pounded the basketball to the ground twice, feeling the earth rubble with each bounce. His stomach was twisting nervously as he gazed up on the basket once again. Ripping his ceruleans open, Troy finally felt his ribcage vibrate as he took one deep breath of air and bent his powerful knees. The world suddenly shook as Troy pushed upward, large muscles constricting as the orange sphere left his fingertips. It suspended in the air momentarily, before suddenly swooshing through the white net and the entire gym erupted into screeches of triumph. Noise rushed through his ear drums as he was no longer deaf to the insane atmosphere of the gym. Cheerleaders chanting, the crowd roaring, his father screaming directions on the sideline all smashed upon his muscular body. The rest of his teammates were leaping up and down in joy, while continuing to scurry into position. Troy felt the defining heat on his back while glancing sideways towards the student section, watching the midnight waves of Gabriella bouncing with delight. She flashed him a proud smile. Red and white confetti came showering down from above. Troy was quickly lifted into the air by his teammates as teenagers and adults alike jumped up and down in the stands with excitement. Troy threw his head back and threw his arms in the air, letting out a scream of excitement.

Troy kissing the championship trophy.

When the large trophy was passed to him he raised that above his head. The screams of excitement increased as East High celebrated. Finally his teammates let him down and Troy passed the trophy to his light brown-skinned, big-haired afro, best friend, so he could relish in the moment as well. Making his way through the swarm of people was harder than it appeared. Every person he came across was cheering and congratulating him. Troy came across Kelsi Nielson, who was gingerly trying to get through the crowd. "Troy! Congratulations! You did a fantastic job!" She threw her arms around him. "Thanks Kelsi." Troy smiled gracefully. Troy continued past the remaining people until he came to the edge of the bleachers. He furrowed his eyebrows; Gabriella was nowhere to be seen. He jumped up onto the bleachers so he could get a bird's eye view of the mob of people surrounding the trophy. Scanning it quickly, he couldn't see Gabriella anywhere even though he was able to pick out everyone else in their gang. It wouldn't make sense anyway that Gabriella would go in the mob. Frowning, he looked around the rest of the gym.


Quickly, Troy scrambled down from the bleachers and ran out of the gymnasium. He looked around frantically, praying that each brunette he laid eyes on would be Gabriella. None of them were. "Gabriella!" he exclaimed. Gabriella threw her arms around Troy, who breathed a sigh of relief as he hugged her tightly. "Congratulations! You were amazing, Wildcat! I was so nervous for you, but you were fantastic! I knew you would be able to do it! And when James Fletcher knocked you over that time I thought I was going to faint! Oh my goodness, I still don't know how you did it. I mean you had the entire pressure of the game on you and you managed to shoot those free-throws effortlessly!" Gabriella rambled excitedly. Troy smiled lovingly, cupping Gabriella's cheek with his hand and gazing into her eyes. "You were the one person I wanted to see after the game and I couldn't find you. I was worried." Troy confessed. Gabriella smiled softly. "I'm sorry about that. I think some boy ate something bad, he was complaining his stomach hurt and he said he felt like he was going to throw up just after the game finished." Gabriella explained. Troy chuckled. After the game, Troy takes a selfie.

Blue eyes opened to a loud, annoying voice. Troy sighed and rolled over, pressing his face deeper into his red pillow. “Troy, get up, time for school.” his father’s voice commanded. Again, a heavy sigh was emitted from Troy’s body. He sighed as he looked over to his left and slammed his hand over the noisy device, making it go silent. He rubbed his face one more time before he sat up straight, the silky sheets slipping off and revealing his muscular and well-defined torso. He stretched his arms lazily above his head and then relaxed, looking around his messy room before throwing the covers off of him and standing up. Troy searched for his jeans around the floor of his bedroom and when he found them, he slipped them up, not minding on changing into a new pair of boxers first. He walked over to his closet and opened the first drawer, pulling out one of the many black and plain t-shirts he had in there. He slipped on a plain white t-shirt on and then walked over to the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror; his blue eyes scanning him from top to bottom. He opened the water tap and cupped some water between his hands, splashing it on his face a couple of times, afterwards. He dried his face with a towel and then combed his hair with his fingers, pushing it backwards and letting it settle in its messy and natural way. He sighed and walked out of his bathroom and then out of his room, running down the stairs of the third floor and into the kitchen. He walked over to the fridge and opened it, taking out the only bottle of milk left. “Someone's in a good mood.” Troy mother's voice carried form in front of the stove, the smell of eggs and bacon entering Troy's nose. “Mom, come on, its Monday, beginning of a new week, who wouldn't be happy.” He practically sung at her as he reached for the glass of orange juice she had set out for him. She eyed him before answering. “You still have a school day to making it through, Troy, don't overlook a quality education for the 'new weekend, new possibilities' fad.” she accused, pointing at him with the spatula. He choked on his orange juice before smiling at her. “I can't believe you just said fad, and don't worry Mom, I take my education very seriously.” Troy smiled. “You're the biggest liar I've ever seen, Troy Bolton. Bacon and eggs?” she said smiling at him. He eyed the eggs. “Just bacon.” Troy replied. “I'm leaving and I can't drive while eating eggs, Mom, too messy.” Troy chuckled. He lunged for the bacon before she could argue and sprinted for the front door. He grabbed his thick red and white varsity jacket. His shoes was the last thing to go on before he exited his house. He hopped into the driver's seat of his 1962 Ford F-250 Flareside truck and backed out of the driveway.

The school drive was very busy. Troy pulled into his lucky number 14 parking place at East High School. Slowly, Troy unbuckles his seatbelt and hops out of the car. Troy pushed open the glass double doors to be greeted with what felt like a million faces. As he walked down the hall people greeted Troy non-stop, mostly girls, fluttering their eyelashes. "Sup man!" A guy greeted Troy, offering him a knuckle-punch. "Troy! My man!" Another unfamiliar face greeted. "Dude! Troy, congratulations on the championship!" Yet another stranger greeted, in which Troy just smiled lightly and nodded. "Hi Troy!" A short blonde girl with a cheerleading outfit said. He just walked casually down the hallway nodding at the many people politely. "Troy, looking good." "Troy, I missed you during the weekend." "Troy, feel's like forever, where've you been?" "Troy, we should catch up, maybe this week?" Flutter eyelashes. Smile widely. High-five. Knuckle-punch. Handshake. "Hey, Troy!" A familiar voice sticks out about all the rest. A smile creeps onto Troy's face as he looks up at his Chad standing near a row of lockers. Instantly, Troy sprints up and did he's and Chad's fist-bumped. He smiles and walks with Chad through the entrance of East High. "Man, you'd think you were Shaquille O'Neal or something." Chad nods toward the group that was just staked out in front of Troy. Troy laughs and shakes his head. "You know, it feels more like Hell instead of school to me." Chad jokes and looks around the entrance. Troy laughs again and nods in agreement. They head down the hall. "Where's your girlfriend anyways?" Troy asks Chad. "You know girls, they have to look so damn perfect." He says with an eye-roll. "Well we only do it for you." A brown-skinned girl with short black hair, wearing a green headband in her hair to match her outfit says as she pops up next to Chad. Troy watches as his best friend smiles and kisses his girlfriend. "Hey Troy." She says and he nods at her. Suddenly, Troy slowly turns around to face the door and feels his jaw drop about five feet. Standing with Taylor could only be a dreamGabriella Montez. Troy watches as his girlfriend walks toward him and smiles. "Hey Troy." She greets him with a shy, but smooth voice. For one of the rare times in his life, he was a loss for words. Finally, Troy shakes his head slightly to clear his mind and smiles back. "Uh, hey Gabriella." He finally manages to get out. She continues to smile at him and giggles a little. Walking closer to him, he could smell the faint scent of her perfume, making him want her even more. "You look incredibly drop-dead gorgeous as always." Troy smiled charmingly. Gabriella shyly smiles again and blushes. "Thank you. You don't look bad yourself, Wildcat." she said charmingly. His bright blue eyes met her deep brown. The four walked through the hall. Troy grinned when he saw the masses of students running from place to place and chattering about their championship. Troy and Chad bumped fists and pulled each other into a hug, slapping each other on the back and pulled away. Suddenly, Zeke Baylor appeared next to the two. Troy stood looking over professionally with his arms crossed over his chest, leaning against the edge. "We kicked some serious West High butt during the final game!" Troy chuckled. They bumped fists again. The three boys went over to admire their MVP trophy case. A skinny, beach-blonde girl with her hair let down in her natural curls as her long bangs covered her forehead approached the boys, popping her chest out flirtatiously. "Hey, Troy! So, when's the big game?" Sharpay asked cheerfully. Her cell-phone rings, causing her to look down.

Troy looking at Sharpay.

"Uh, yesterday." Troy said, kind of confused. Sharpay looked up, totally unaware of what Troy had just told her. "Oh well. Good luck." Sharpay said, blowing a kiss to Troy, sauntering down the hall. Troy caught the fake-blown kiss. "She's so sweet." Zeke said blissfully. Troy looked at Zeke, and playfully slapped him across the face.

Troy, Chad and Zeke watching Sharpay walk away.

He sighed as he walked along the corridors where he had just spent a good two minutes with Chad and Zeke. "Oh, dude. That game was so awesome!" Zeke said gleefully. "Yeah, without our team captain here we wouldn't of got that three-pointer to end the game." Chad said, giving Troy a quick look. "Okay. Chad, FYI, that was Rocket Man." Troy said. "There’s a rumor about a party pretty soon, celebrating the back-to-back championship game at Chad's house." Zeke informed the clueless blue-eyed boy. "Oh yeah? If this rumor is true, guys, East High deserves it! And it's our senior year, Wildcats!" Troy said confidently. "Hell yeah!" Zeke told the guys, winking delightfully. "But guys, that is just a rumor. I have to focus on finishing high school, deciding which college to go to, and Gabriella." Troy said, glaring at Zeke. Laughing, Chad and Zeke went their separate ways. Troy then saw Gabriella approaching him. He caught her in one arm and caused her to giggle. The two kissed quickly and headed to Troy's locker so he could get the rest of his stuff before they headed to Homeroom. Troy watched a lanky, tall, dark-haired boy's expression go from shock to jealousy as they passed him. "What's his problem?" Troy asked Gabriella once they reached his locker. "Who cares, Troy." Gabriella answered skimming her book. "It matters to me if Miller is creeping you out." Troy said softly. "The basketball captain." Gabriella replied. "Well that basketball captain is one lucky guy." Troy chuckled. "I like to think he is." Gabriella agreed as Troy took her book from her. "What is it with everyone wanting to take my book away from me?" Gabriella whined playfully. "Because I can't do this if you're reading." Troy smirked seductively. He then tossed the book behind them before he bent down and kissed Gabriella happily. Gabriella giggled as he gently pushed her up against the lockers. She screamed slightly when Troy brushed his hand underneath her shirt and the skin of her back made contact with the cold steel of the locker they were leaning against. Troy chuckled and pulled her closer to him. Gabriella wrapped her arms around his neck. She fingers threaded into his hair lovingly. As Troy was putting his stuff into his bag, Gabriella went to the restroom. Weston approached Troy and slammed his fist into the locker next to Troy's. Troy turned to look at him un-intimidated by the maniac standing next to him. "What can I do for you?" Troy asked. "What would it cost for you to break up with your little Miss Gabriella Montez? There is no such thing as too much money when it comes to my happiness." the boy said. "Let me tell you something, Miller. There is no way I'm going to give up Gabriella to any man. There's no price on her. I love her and she loves me. We're happy. I wouldn't sacrifice my happiness or hers for anything in the world." Troy told him. "Well, what makes you think she doesn't hit on me when you're not around?" the boy asked. "Because I know that she wouldn't do that to me. Listen, I'm very protective to things that are valuable to me. Gabriella is the most valuable of all and I'll tell you one thing: if you start a fight with me and she's the topic, you will always lose. See ya later, Miller." Troy said slamming his locker shut. Gabriella came out of the bathroom. She kissed Troy on the cheek. Troy always wondered what he did to deserve her. "I love you." Gabriella told him as they walked down the corridor. "What brought that on, not that I don't love hearing you say it?" Troy asked as he strolled next to her. "I heard you defending me and our love." Gabriella said pulling him down for a quick kiss before they continued slowly walking down the hallway. "You know I'm always there to protect you, Gabriella." Troy said sincerely. "And you do a great job, Wildcat. Let's go to my house after school, my mother won't be home until nine at the earliest." Gabriella smiled charmingly. "Anything you say, babe. I'll follow you anywhere." Troy smiled and laughed. "Yeah, but you still love me." Gabriella said. His clear, blue eyes bored into her chocolate brown ones, twinkling. "Yeah, I do. And you love me too." Troy sighed delightfully. Gabriella sighed contentedly. She gently pressed her lips against his neck. Troy let out a small groan, and wrapped his arms around her slim waist. He kissed her hair. Troy gazed into her deep brown orbs. She smiled at him, brushing his hair out of the way. Gabriella affectionately nuzzled his nose. Troy sighed. He wished he could savor this moment forever. "What are you thinking about, Wildcat?" Gabriella asked, breaking the peaceful silence. Troy grinned, wrapping his arms around Gabriella even tighter. His lips trailed from the corner of her mouth to the tip of her earlobe, where he gave a playful nibble. Gabriella moaned, tangling her fingers into Troy's hair. "Hm, what am I thinking? I'll give you three guesses…” Troy nipped the base of Gabriella's neck. Gabriella moaned a little louder. "Um, basketball?" Gabriella let out a breath she hadn't known she was holding. "No, try again." Troy said playfully. His hand gently caressed her thigh. Gabriella drew a deep breath. "Um, school?" she asked dumbly. Troy gave her an unreadable expression. Then, out of nowhere, he burst out laughing. Talk about a mood killer. There had been so much chemistry, so much friction, and as mortified as Gabriella would be to admit, sexual tension. Troy finally stopped laughing, but there was still an amused smile on his lips. Gabriella narrowed her eyes, slapping him playfully on the chest. Troy grinned, and swung her arms around his neck. Then he pressed his body up to her. Gabriella gasped at the contact. Troy's grin grew wider. "Oh Brie, Brie, Brie. And you're supposed to be the genius here.” he teased. Gabriella stuck her tongue out at him. "What's that supposed to mean, my lunkhead basketball boy?" Gabriella couldn't resist the on-going crack that Taylor had started. Troy scrunched up his nose adorably at her. "It means it should have been obvious what I was thinking about." he stated confidently. Gabriella rolled her eyes, enjoying the playful banter between her and Troy. Troy dramatically sighed. "Oh, woe is me! My Lord, what have you done to my beautiful Gabriella? She was supposed to be smart one... eth." Troy said, pretending to faint. Gabriella giggled at Troy's antics. Troy grinned. He loved to make Gabriella laugh. It was the prettiest laugh he had ever heard. If a laugh could be pretty. Like Gabriella. Troy circled his arms around her waist, resting his forehead against hers. "If you really wanted to know, I was thinking about how lucky I am to have you." Gabriella said sincerely. Her eyes flickered towards Troy's. They were so clear, so blue. And they were sincere. "Brie, you're one in a million. No, you're my one in a million. I love you." Troy said in a genuine tone. Gabriella beamed. She sighed, pressing her lips against his cheek. "I love you too." Gabriella stated. Troy grinned proudly. He was never going to get used to how she told him she loved him. Slowly, he brought his lips down upon her. It might have been the fourth time they had kissed, but to Troy and Gabriella, it was like the first. Sparks, fireworks, maybe even bombs, went off. Gabriella sighed against his mouth, wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Troy gently deepened the kiss, and Gabriella eagerly accepted.

Before meeting Brett Shimura.

A little while later, Troy walked down the hallway as students come and go. His blue eyes flickered over every student that filed through the hallway, lingering on the people passing by. Troy walked calmly over towards his classroom. He was a few feet away from Homeroom when a body collided into him. Whoever that person was, Troy’s hands reflexively closed around the figure to keep them from falling. But, he was a moment too late and they tumbled to the ground together. Troy rolled to the side of them. Immediately, he bent down to help. "Oh! I am so sorry. Are you all right?" Troy asked in a concern tone. He cracked a smile once he took in the way person looked. Troy guessed the individual could feel his eyes on him because he looked up quickly and met Troy’s gaze for a quick second. The boy is pretty skinny with olive skin and large, widely-spaced dark chocolate brown eyes, and is wearing glasses. The anxious Japanese-American boy nodded that he was all right. The blue-eyed jock turned to help the Asian boy up. He extended his hands out. "Can I help you up?" he asked. "I'm fine." The soft-spoken boy replied, shaking his head as he tried to get up gracefully. The jock smiled. When Troy came back upright he studied the little, shy Asian for a few moments as if he was trying to read his mind. "Are you sure you're all right?" Troy asked kindly, handing the boy back his books. "Yeah, sorry. Thank you." he responded softly, pushing up his glasses. "You're very welcome." Troy smiled proudly. The boy started to turn to continue walking down the hallway. "Wait!" Troy said, causing the Asian to turn around. He came to the realization that he had never seen this person before. "I don't recognize you. Are you new here?" Troy asked in curiosity. The shy Asian boy nodded shyly. "Well then, I should introduce myself, shouldn't I? My name is Troy Bolton. May I have your name?" Troy asked politely. "Brett." the boy replied nervously. "No, what's your full name?" Troy asked. "Brett Shimura..." the boy sheepishly replied, confused. "Well, Brett Shimura, it's a pleasure to meet you. I know it's hard to make friends on the first day, so I thought maybe I could help you out." Troy said confidently as he slightly laughed. "Oh, okay. That's nice of you though, Troy." Brett gushed. "Here, pull your schedule out so we can see if we have any classes together." Troy said. Brett pulls out his class schedule and hands it to Troy. Troy, in return, takes it and studies it. "Sadly, we don't have any classes together. You have Walters for Homeroom. But don't worry, he's super nice. I promise." Troy chuckled. Brett smiled sheepishly whilst looking around. "So, where are you from?" Troy asked out of curiosity. "Um, I just moved here from Hawaii, like, a week ago." Brett chuckled nervously. "Golly! Hawaii is a beautiful place! Well in that case, let me be the first to welcome you to not only Albuquerque, but to East High! Would you still like me to walk with you?" Troy asked voluntarily. Brett nodded hesitantly but smiles. "Well, lets go then! So, how do you like East High so far, Brett?" Troy asked curiously. They walk down the crowded hallway. "Actually, I, um... I don't really know. I just came out of the front office..." Brett said nervously, trailing off. "Oh. Well, that's okay. Someone needs to show you the ropes." Troy said, giving a wink. Brett looked up at him helplessly, but smiled. "So the grand tour of East High School." Troy grinned proudly. Brett smiled weakly and then followed Troy, trying to remember where everything was. Troy did most of the talking as they walked, pointing out classes that Brett had and telling him what teachers to look out for and who were okay. "First impressions are the best way to leave lasting impressions. As long as they're good of course." Troy said brightly. "Oh, yeah." Brett chuckled sheepishly. Troy smiled down at him. "Well, I'm glad I could help you out, Brett. Anytime you need a friend, well I'll need to get mine buffed up after all the work I've done in it today, but I'm happy to have helped you." Troy said warmly. Brett chuckled softly. Troy could tell Brett was smart and he should show it. He guessed again that he was just shy. Troy grinned to a group of people, at least five. "I want to introduce you to some more friendly Wildcats, so you'll feel more comfortable. Is that okay?" Troy offered warmly. Brett smiled meekly. "I know you're nervous, Brett. But there's no need to be." Troy assured. "I just... It's... I'm not good in social situations, and I..." Brett trailed off as Troy pulled back enough to look down at the shy new kid’s face. Brett peered at him from under his eyelashes, taking in his expression. "Talking to a group of strangers, just... makes me feel like a nervous wreck because I have no idea how to make small talk..." Brett stated nervously. Troy huffed a sympathetic sigh. He didn't want to appear like he was pitying Brett, as he knew many people with any kind of disposition didn't like that, yet he wasn't sure what else he could do. He'd never had trouble with people, or meeting new people, as he generally saw himself as laid-back and easy-going. However, as he looked on at the gentle, innocent boy beside him who was struggling to even think of walking towards his friends, Troy was beginning to realize how lucky he was to be this way. "Of course they will like you, Brett." he confirmed easily. Brett scoffed, and Troy watched Brett scrunch up his nose in disbelief. "Listen to me." he husked in his usual soft, half-whisper voice. He crouched slightly to be at Brett’s eye-level. "Of course they will like you." he emphasized. "They will, just as I do. There's no need to be scared. I'll stay with you." Troy stated gently. Brett smiled wanly, though he was beginning to feel better. "You don't have to—" Brett began automatically. "Hey guys! I would like to introduce you to our newest Wildcat — Brett Shimura. Brett, meet the gang. This is my childhood best friend-slash-wingman, Chad Danforth..." Troy said, pointing to Chad. The group of students all turned around when they saw Brett. Chad offered a friendly grin to him which Brett smiled shyly. "Nice to meet you, Brett. This is my girlfriend, Taylor." Chad announced proudly. "Hello, I'm Taylor McKessie. It's so nice to meet you, Brett. And can I just say, you are a cutie!" Taylor squealed with delight. Brett blushed, letting out a small laugh. The group laughed as well. "Brett, this is Ryan Evans." Troy stated. "A.K.A. Drama King. And it's a pleasure to meet you, Brett." the blonde blue-eyed flamboyant boy wearing a fedora said, smiling kindly. "Hi, nice to meet you." Brett responded softly. "And this is the love of my life, Gabriella Montez!" Troy announced proudly, causing Gabriella to hold back a laugh. "Hi, Brett. It's a pleasure to meet you. I hope you have a fantastic first day at East High! You're going to love it here, I promise." Gabriella smirked sweetly. Troy lovingly wrapped his arm around Gabriella's waist. The warning bell for Homeroom rang through out East High and the few people that were still left in the hallways quickly disappeared into various classes. "Oh, shoot! Darbus will be furious, guys! Nice to meet you, Brett!" Chad said as the gang rushed past Troy and Brett. "Yo, Hoops! Come on, man!" Chad hollered. "Well, it was a pleasure meeting you, Brett. I’ll see you around." Troy said. Upon meeting Brett’s gaze, Troy smiled kindly at him. Brett responded with a shy smile. Troy calmly walked through the empty corridor. He sighed as he began hearing a woman's voice lecturing the class 10 feet away from the door; her voice would get louder once she saw him. Troy took a deep breath and leaned against the doorway. He waited till the blonde-haired, hippie-dressed woman with bottle-bottom glasses noticed him. "And then—" she turned to the door, glaring the handsome teenage boy once she noticed his presence. "Mr. Bolton! Late again? It's the third time this year and it's barely graduation." she scolded, placing her hands over her hips. "I'm sorry, Miss Darbus. I was helping out a fellow Wildcat." Troy mumbled. "You say that each time and you continue being late!" she narrowed her eyes at him, causing small wrinkles at the sides of her eyes. Troy rolled his blue orbs. "Can I just have my detention already, so I can sit down, please, Miss D?" he asked jokingly, crossing his arms. The class laughed. Troy went to his seat; his seat was in the front row, in front of Chad's desk.

Seeing a note from Gabriella.

Seeing a note on his desk from Gabriella, a flattered Troy cocked his head towards the back of the class, seeing Gabriella giggle quietly. In the front of the classroom, Miss Darbus was sitting in a gold throne-like chair, reading a very large book. "All right, everyone! Settle down! I know we’re all still excited about our Wildcats top-to-back championship!" she exclaimed cheerfully. "That would be back-to-back, Miss D." Chad responded. Everyone in the classroom laughed lightly. "Whatever the case, it was a grand-slam. Well done!" Miss Darbus said happily, while Troy gave a big laugh.

A worried Troy looking at Gabriella.

REST IS TBA. "Don't let it get to you Gabriella. There is nothing you can do, anyone should know that." Troy said trying to make her feel better. "I guess you're right." Gabriella replied. "Troy we're gonna be late!" Gabriella said quickly looking at her watch. "Shit, you're right!" Taylor said as she ran off, with everyone following. Taylor, Troy, Sharpay and Gabriella all had Math together and since Gabriella's locker was furthest away, she would have bound to be the last one in the class. "Gabi, I'll wait for you." Troy said. "No, no it's fine. I don't want you to be late. Go!" she replied, laughing. Just 10 minutes after the bell rang, Gabriella entered the classroom. She looked over at Troy who looked at her sympathetically, but was laughing at the same time. Gabriella just held up her forefinger and pinky, making a punk sign. "All right ladies and gentlemen, I think you can go now." the teacher said when the bell went off. "And don't forget, you're assignment is due next Wednesday!" he said yelling amongst the commotion. "What you have now, Gabi?" Troy asked jokingly as they were walking down the corridor together. "Free period." she replied. "Well then..." Troy said, quickly stepping in front of her, wrapping his hands around her waist. "Would you like some free-time with Troy?" he said sneakily. "I have to finish this assignment. But you can walk with me to my locker!" She said sweetly which made Troy laugh. He almost buckled at the knees because of Gabriella's sweetness – it always made him melt. "Well all right then." he said. The hallways were somewhat crowded, and Troy and Gabriella walked along the corridors. Once again, Troy stepped in front of Gabriella, stopping her in her tracks. "Your locker is too far away." he said. "Troy, it's just around that corner." she replied. "Precisely. Way too far away!" he said, as he began to slowly back her against the locker. Gabriella smiled and dropped her books, wrapping her arms around his neck as she felt herself being pushed up against the locker. "Mmm, Trrohhyyyy..." Gabriella said against his lips trying to move away. "We can't..." she said, pulling her head away only to feel Troy's lips gently kiss down her neck. But Troy only shut her up by kissing her over and over again. "I’m so, so sorry Gabriella. Wouldn’t wanna be late for basketball practice, now would I?" Troy grinned playfully. "It's okay, Wildcat." Gabriella said, picking up her books from inside her locker. "All right, I'm gonna go do some free-throws with Chad." Troy said giving Gabriella a quick peck on the lips. "Okay, have fun, Wildcat!" Gabriella replied as they went their separate ways.


Later, Troy walked aimlessly around the cafeteria as students come and go, chattering loudly.

Troy walking around the cafeteria.

His ocean-blue eyes scanned the crowded cafeteria as he sat down with Gabriella, Chad and Taylor. Troy sighed before setting gripping his tray down and plopped down next to Gabriella, smashing his lips against hers. He was sitting around with all of his friends just laughing and joking when he noticed the new boy walk in, noticing that the poor guy looked nervous. The puny Asian boy took a seat on the outskirts of the cafeteria. Troy went to get up and go greet him when he felt a hand on his chest, looking down at it he followed the offending hand up to its owner. "Chad? What are you doing?" he asked curiously. "Me? What are you doing?" Chad asked. Troy frowned. "Well, for your information, I was going to go say hello to Brett — he's all alone." Troy said. Chad just shook his head. "I know he is, Troy, look maybe he’s already made friends?" Chad suggested. Troy rolled his eyes and tried to walk over to Brett again but was once again stopped by Chad. "Come on, man, just let it go." Chad said. Troy huffed and nodded and returned to his place at the table, still watching Brett out of the corner of his eyes. He could notice something wrong. "Gabi, I’m gonna go sit with Brett, okay?" Troy said gingerly. Gabriella nodded and flashed a warm smile. With that, Troy kissed his girlfriend on the cheek and decided to walk over to the table where the lonely new kid was sitting. The boy didn't seem to notice Troy's presence at first. "Hey, Brett!" Troy said a little loud so Brett could hear him through the chattering and laughing of everyone else. Brett looked up a little alarmed and then sighed in relief. "You can come sit with us at lunch, Brett. You don't need to be alone." Troy smiled warmly. "I... I want to be on my own." Brett mumbled. "Well too bad." Troy smiled. He put his tray down on the table and roughly placed his bag on the floor next to his chair as he sat down. "Did you find your first-period class?" Troy asked. "Yeah." Brett simply said. "That’s good! You’ve made any new friends yet?" Troy asked casually. "No... not yet." Brett said softly. "I think you could sit with a friend, and you've got a group of people waiting to be your friend at this place." Troy said kindly. Brett didn't say anything, just started to chew his lip nervously. "But if you don't want to go, you've got a friend here wanting to sit with you." Troy smiled warmly. "You do?" Brett asked with a shocked expression. "Of course, Wildcat. So, tell me more about yourself." Troy grinned. "Like what?" Brett asked as if no one had ever asked him that before. "What’s your story?" Troy asked casually. "I already told you. I moved here from Hawaii..." Brett smirked awkwardly. "No, no, no. Not your moving story. Your real story. Your interests, your hobbies, your passions, your weird self." Troy said as confusion spilled on Brett’s face. He noticed Brett composing himself, before continuing. "I don’t know..." Brett said in confusion. "Come on, just think of something. The first thing that pops into your head. Something you love." Troy said whilst pointing to his temple. Then, Brett smiles. "An Imperial Affliction." he said brightly. "Okay. What’s that?" Troy asked inquisitively. "It’s a novel. It’s my favorite novel." Brett chuckled. "Wait. Does it have zombies in it? Stormtroopers?" Troy asked in hope. "What? No! No, it’s... it’s not that kind of a book." Brett laughed. "Okay, what’s it about?" Troy asked, intrigued. "Uh, cancer." Brett said simply. Troy’s face was filled with shock as his eyes widened. "It’s about cancer?" he asked in an innocent tone. "But not like that. Trust me, it’s amazing." Brett assured. Troy grinned, causing Brett to smile a little more brightly. "Okay. I will read this horrible book with this very boring title... that does not include zombies or Stormtroopers. And in exchange..." Troy trailed off before grabbing his phone out of his pants pocket. "...You will give me your number, Brett Shimura." he finished as he put his phone into Brett’s tiny hands. Brett took it and punched his number into it, and then handed Troy his phone, who did the same. They sat in comfortable silence and Troy couldn't help but enjoy it. His eyes wandered around, locking on the tall, lanky boy from earlier leering at him. "I'll text you later or call or whatever and see if you want to come." Troy smiled. "Thanks. You didn't have to do any of this today." Brett said, blushing slightly. "Any of what?" Troy smiled. "Being nice to me." Brett sighed. "It's no big deal, you're my friend. And, I can't promise it's going to get easier but you know it won’t get harder 'cause like I've said a dozen times now you've got me as a friend. But now we have to eat, and you have to eat, even if I have to force-feed you, mister!" Troy chuckled. Brett slowly shook his head, letting out a sigh. "What's wrong, Brett?" Troy asked concerned. Brett shook his head again, "It's just... I've only known you for, like, what? An hour? And now you are sitting here with me..." Brett chuckled dryly. Troy looked at him in confusion. "Yeah, and you sigh because?" Troy asked. "It's just not normal!" Brett said, looking at Troy. "Well, I'm not a normal boy, you're not a normal boy, this is not a normal city, this world is not in the near of being normal, so the problem is?" Troy joked at him, and Brett smiled and just shook his head. Troy was right, there was not anything in this world, which would be normal, so why not make this another abnormal thing, he actually liked the fact that he knew Brett that well; it was nice to know that he would be there for him, and that he stood by Brett's side. "Now eat, Brett." Troy said bringing Brett out of his thoughts. "Umm, yeah..." Brett looked at the food. "Brett, you need to eat. Just a little, please?" Troy looked at him. Brett nodded slowly and then took a small piece of meat, and then he slowly started eating. "So do you like it?" Troy asked while putting food on his own plate. "Yeah, it's good, but..." Brett trailed off. Troy looked worryingly at him. "But..?" Troy said, trailing off. "I'm not that hungry." Brett looked down trying not to look at Troy. "It's okay, Brett. I'm not going to be mad. Just eat the food on your plate, and then I'll be glad, okay?" Troy said, smiling. Brett nodded. "Good, so eat and then you'll put the rest in your lunchbox, and then we can hang out after school, okay?" Troy smiled at him, hoping that Brett would be able to eat, but he knew it would be hard to fight him through this. "Yeah, that sounds good." Brett smiled and started to eat the sandwich. "Okay, okay, but I don’t want to hear any complaining." Troy joked at Brett again. "Troy?" Brett asked a little ashamed. "What's with the looking down and looking like you're ashamed of something, Brett?" Troy sat down beside him at the table looking at him. "Could you..." Brett stopped and looked directly into Troy's gorgeous blue eyes. "Yeah, Wildcat? What could I what? Just spill, it's not like I'm going to kill you or anything." Troy smiled at Brett. Brett smiled at him in return. "Wait, why are you looking down?" Troy asked. Brett sighed and then looked away. "Never mind... it doesn’t matter." he responded softly. "Brett, tell me. I'm not going anywhere! I promise!" Troy said. "I have been scared of being alone for a while..." Brett said, letting out a deep sigh. He sniffled softly. "What are you thinking about?" Troy asked knowing that he was thinking since he wasn't eating. "Well... it's just..." Brett looked up at Troy and sighed. "It's just that... I'm really glad, that you're here... I'm not sure, how I would ever do this without you trying to help me... I'm glad I met you, Troy." Brett said, smiling lightly. Troy smiled at him. "Me too." he replied confidently. They sat in a comfortable silence. Deep down, Troy had a feeling Brett really wasn't even happy. Something had happened to change Brett, something bad and when Troy found out what or who it was they were going to pay. He needed more information, he needed to know so he could help Brett, but he also knew if he pushed too hard he'd lose Brett and all the trust he had worked so hard to gain. He opened his eyes and nodded.
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Troy with Brett.

Deep down Troy knew once Brett left school the smile would once again be gone. "Brett, you are so young. Your life just started. Who knows what your future holds? Brett, you are different. The responsibility for being different is sharing it with the world. Maybe the reason you may have gotten the best of yourself is because you're scared of something. Your strong-willed personality will make yourself better, pushing you to raise your expectations, believing that you will become happy." Troy announced proudly. In the distance Troy heard the warning bell, he hadn't realized that they had been talking all lunch time. Troy's face suddenly creased with humor as he chuckled throatily, shaking his head a little. "Being blind to the truth is what makes you you, Brett. You shouldn't wish it away." He neared Brett with clear intentions, however lost himself for a moment and didn't speak again straight away. "There are ways to help with that, you know." Troy said. Brett rolled his eyes. "Uh-huh. Yeah." he chided, sarcastically. Troy almost scoffed at Brett's definitiveness as his tongue slid across his teeth. "It's true!" he husked, forcefully. "How exactly?" Brett questioned, cynically. Troy leant forward. "By listening!" he breathed, exasperated. "By really... listening... and believing." he said. Brett shook his head and let out a breath, looking down at his lap, shy and dismissive. "You're... ridiculous." Brett whispered. "Listen. You are you, Brett. You. You may be reserved, intense, shy, and overly self-conscious..." Troy began. Brett scoffed at this, slightly offended, staring down at his lap. "But, you're also exceedingly kind, and strong-willed, and genuine, intelligent, and perfectly, perfectly unique. There's nothing wrong with being you." Troy said genuinely. "I know that..." Brett said, louder and harsher than intended as he tried to hide the teary tone of his voice. He sighed as he carried on hiding his face. "I know." Brett repeated, softer this time. "You wanna know something?" Troy asked, his tone equally as soft as he could. "What?" Brett asked, tears slightly evident in his voice. "I feel that way too sometimes." Troy said truthfully. "You?" Brett said, looking his way before he could stop himself. "You don't have to act so surprised." Troy chuckled softly. "Sorry, it's just... I'm intrigued now." Brett said, sniffing and wiping his eyes. Troy smiled a little. "Well, it's simple really... All my parents friends are like, 'Your son's the basketball guy. You must be so... proud.' But they forget, that's not all I am. In fact, I don't think that's what I want at all anymore... It's hard to know anything when people have been telling you what you want since you were born..." Troy said sadly. "I get that. My mom's been talking about me going to Stanford practically forever, but I simply, if I'm honest, don't feel worthy enough." Brett stated. "Precisely! It's the same with me and U of A. Yeah, since forever people have been telling me I could definitely be worthy of the Red Hawks... but what if I don't feel like that's what's right... Apparently what I think doesn't matter though, considering my dad stood over me while I wrote out my U of A application..." Troy said. "It must be hard, being the coaches son." Brett implied. Troy looked perplexed for a moment. "He just don't understand that what he wants isn't necessarily what I want." he said. Brett smiled slightly. "What is it that you want, Troy?" he asked. Troy suddenly looked puzzled and shy. "I don't know..." he replied. 'I do." Brett said simply. Troy's eyes narrowed at this. "And what is that then?" he asked, squinting his eyes. "You like helping people – making their day. It's what you like, and what you want are interested in – of course –but also in it's science and medicine." Brett said, smiling. Troy smiled. "Meaning?" he asked, intrigued. "Meaning..." Brett ventured confidently. "You're thinking of medicine. Helping people and getting paid for it. Then, eventually, sports medicine – surgery." he finished. Troy cocked his head slightly, impressed, as he pushed his hair back from his face. "Wow, Brett. Have you considered Psychology?" Troy asked. "Reading people for a living? I'm not so sure." Brett said falsely. "Oh come on! It's not normal to be able to do what you just did to people! I never told you about my considerations about medicine, yet you knew – you figured it out!" Troy chuckled lightly. Brett smiled modestly. "It's not that difficult." he said. Troy laughed lazily. "Oh, so now I'm an open book?" he asked teasingly. Brett frowned at his comment, taking it very seriously. "No. No. Quite the opposite." he murmured. "So, I'm hard to read?" Troy asked. "All guys are." Brett responded. "Brett?" he enquired, instantly concerned when observing him lack of a reply and his glazed expression. Suddenly Brett's breathing was ragged and he squeezed his eyes shut. "Brett..?" Troy questioned, concerned and slightly panicked, his voice louder this time, not hesitating to put his hands on Brett's arms and make contact. "I'm..." Brett tried to take a breath. "I'm sorry, T— Troy." he whispered. Troy's frown had deepened with confusion and concern. "Sorry about what? Brett, what's going on?" he asked in a low husked voice. Brett tried to stand to move away from him. "Nothing, I–" he stuttered. "Brett..!" Troy said sternly, holding Brett down on the seat gently. "Tell me what's going on." he whispered. He noticed Brett rubbing his neck, and prepared to question why. "I was going to tell you straight away, but– but I'm terrified to. I barely know you, and..." Brett hesitantly choked up. "Wha–?" Troy said but was cut off. "It's been haunting me..." Brett said. "What has? What's going on? What happened?" Troy asked, his voice low and pained. Brett squeezed his eyes shut and sniffed. He looked away even more. The saddened new kid looked up at Troy's face for the first time and saw complete inner turmoil in his eyes as he battled the urge to get angry at him. Troy was still frowning, his eyes never leaving his. "I'm so sorry." Brett murmured, his expression distorted with worry, as he wiped a stray tears from his cheeks. Troy looked at him with sadness. He reached out to touch Brett's shoulder. "Look, Brett. You can tell me anything, you know that, right?" Troy assured. Brett took a few moments to clear his throat out and backed away while drawing in long, shuddering breaths. "And I know you don't wanna talk about whatever it is, but... I can't do anything if I don't know who or what is hurting you. If you tell me, I can protect you. But, I need you to promise me something: I need you to promise to call me — anytime, day or night — whenever you need me. You are an amazing kid who I am proud to call my friend." Troy replied solemnly. This caused Brett to smile. He could tell that there was something going on with Brett that he didn't want anyone to know about, and maybe Troy wasn't going to push straight away but it didn't mean that he wasn't going to be there to help him.


And as Troy walked into the classroom, he sighed, frustrated, heading towards his seat. He felt someone poke him on the shoulder. Troy turned around to face an elated Ryan Evans, his eyelashes batting at Troy. "Hi, Troy." Ryan said bashfully. Troy gave him a polite, friendly smile. "Hey, Ryan. What’s up?" Troy asked, rubbing his neck nervously, looking at Ryan.


"Troy, dinner is ready! Come down here." Lucille called out. "I'll be right down, Mom." Troy yelled back. "I made macaroni and cheese tonight." Lucille smiled gracefully. Troy sat down in his chair. A large plate was placed in front of him filled with macaroni and cheese.

Troy at the dinner table.

"Eat up, Troy. For dessert, we have double chocolate-chip ice-cream cake." Jack said. The family started on their dinner. They talked and laughed through the entire meal. "How was school today, Troy?" Lucille asked casually. "It was good. There is a new kid." Troy said, after swallowing. "What about this new kid?" Jack asked. "Well, he's shy and quiet. He sat alone at lunch but I sat with him, to make him comfortable." Troy admitted. "Well, we raised you to be polite and a gentleman, Troy. If you don't mind me asking, who's the kid?" asked Lucille. "His name is Brett. He's just really shy, but once you get to know him, he's friendly and smart." Troy said with a reassuring tone. "Well, that's good, Troy." Jack smirked. "I only met him today, and we became friends; I thought we were fine, but then all of the sudden I sensed he was hiding something, but I don't know what. It looked like he was thinking about something which saddened him. You should’ve been there. It's eating me up inside, and I know there was more Brett wanted to say to me but he didn't." Troy said softly. Lucille was silent for a minute, taking in her son's words. "Well, just give Brett some time, Troy. I bet he'll come around." she said sympathetically. "You’re right." Troy responded, giving a small smile.


In the boys' locker-room, Troy stands with his arms crossed across his chest. "If you ever pull something like what you did to Brett again, you'd better hope that someone up there likes you, got it?" Troy growled softly. When Weston didn't reply, Troy shoved him to the ground, hard, before he pulled Weston back up to eye-level. "Right." Weston managed and Troy worked his jaw in a circle before looking him dead in the eye. "I can't even be bothered to hit you, Miller... But, I won't hesitate to pummel you if you dare lay a hand Gabriella or my friends. I'm going to add something else: if you ever touch, look or even think about any of them, especially Gabriella, and I find out? You'll need to do a hell of a lot more than hope someone up there likes you. You're going to have to make sure someone does otherwise they'll find you in a hole, dead and buried. Am I clear?" Troy threatened in a soft-spoken tone. "Fine. Okay. You're clear." Weston managed the sentence weakly and Troy dropped him to the ground; his eyes cold as Weston straightened up. In the split second where Troy was trying to control his emotions, Weston left the locker-room. Troy ran a hand through his hair, before leaving the court after them. The temper that had spun out of control, fighting him as he tried to control it. He hadn't even realized it until now, as soon as Gabriella was mention there had been an instant need to protect, an instant need to ensure her safety from Weston than anything else that had went through his mind. Running a hand through his hair, Troy turned a corner, his mind continuing to try and figure out the confusing mess it had concocted. His body suddenly is slammed by someone's shoulder blade. "Whoa! I’m so sorry, are you okay?" He exclaimed worryingly, catching them even as he spoke. Looking down, Troy's eyes widened when the person he saw in the fading light was Gabriella. "Sorry, Wildcat. But to be fair, you weren't paying attention either." She playfully snapped at him, her eyes narrow. Troy shrugged and then raised his eyebrows when she smiled warmly.


Troy walked Gabriella home as he did every day. When they got to her house, Gabriella decided to do something abnormal. Taking him by the hand, she led Troy upstairs to her bedroom, certain that he wouldn't push the boundaries once they were there. "I figured my bed would be more comfortable than the couch. I trust you, which is why you're up here." Gabriella explained before he could ask any questions. "We're definitely not up here to—" Gabriella explained. Troy started laughing. "Gabriella, I know! Chill out a little bit. I was getting tired of the couch, too." Troy stated. Suddenly, Gabriella playfully tackled him onto the bed, but he held her waist, pulling her down on top of him. Playfully smirking, Troy rolled her off of him and turned to face her, their faces centimeters apart. Examining her face, Troy was relieved to see her dark brown orbs. Silently, Gabriella wrapped her arms around his back, unable to fight the urge to touch him.

Troy at Gabriella's house.

Smiling, Troy returned the embrace, holding her as close to him as he possibly could. A thought struck Gabriella, causing her to go into a fit of giggles. "You know what you are?" she said. "I know, I'm your boyfriend. What else?" he asked her curiously. "You're like a life-size teddy bear! You're not stuffed, but every time I see you I just want to hold you tightly. You're good for comfort, and you have a soft, warm heart when it comes to others, especially me." she gushed. "That better not be—" Troy groaned. "That'll be your new nickname!" Gabriella smiled flirtatiously. Troy groaned again. "Gabi, why must you do this to me? I look nothing like a stuffed bear!" he complained. "You might have a well-toned body..." she replied, running her finger down his chest through his shirt for emphasis. "But, on the inside, you're soft, cute, kind-hearted, sweet and cuddly, just like a teddy bear." Gabriella gushed.
Looking into her eyes, Troy knew he would surrender the argument. He could never argue with her, for he always caved. He sighed. "Fine, but you can only call me that when we're alone, but not at school whether we're alone or not." Troy stated. "Aw, but why not? I let you call me sweetheart, baby and angel everywhere we go, alone or not." she pointed out. "That's because none of them are going to embarrass you." he replied, placing his hand on her shoulder, but she pouted. "You're no fun," she complained, though she loosened up when Troy kissed her nose. "But, you still love me!" he told her, a teasing smile plastered on his face. "And, I love you no matter how many times you tell me I'm no fun." Troy smiled charmingly. Gabriella poked her tongue out at him, but as she did, Troy's soft lips came crashing down on hers and soon both were involved in a heated lip-lock. Her hands found their way to his hair, ruffling it while their lips moved together. Smiling, Troy watched as a slight blush emerged on her face, something that he only had the power to do. Once Gabriella removed his shirt, with his help, the couple laid back down. Nestling into his chest as he held her tightly, Gabriella let out a pleased sigh. Although his hugs always gave her comfort, this one seemed different. She felt calmed more than any other time, she guessed because it was almost skin-on-skin, the closest they had ever been to each other. After a few seconds, Troy nuzzled his head into her hair, loving the feel of her body pressed against his bare chest. Like Gabriella, he too sensed a difference between their normal time together and what was going on right now. He felt the bond between them growing everyday, but, in that moment, he felt as though the connection was as strong as it possibly could be without having sexual relations. "Think we'll stay like this?" Gabriella asked him quietly, snapping him out of his thoughts. "I hope." he answered, rubbing her back. "So, you'll always be my teddy bear?" she asked him, smiling innocently. "I will as long as you don't call me that in public." Troy chuckled. Gabriella pouted but finally nodded. "Fine, as long as you still act like my teddy bear in public." she stated. "Do teddy bears look as hot as me?" Troy asked, smirking. Gabriella laughed and playfully smacked his shoulder. "Way to ruin the moment!" she giggled. "Fine, then! Don't speak to me! You should've known that question was coming! But, I still want an answer." Troy defended. Gabriella rolled her eyes. "Yes, Troy, you're hotter than a teddy bear." Gabriella smirked. "Thought so." Troy grinned selfishly.


The Start of Something New

Sun, warmth and haze greeted Troy as he opened his eyes the next morning. At first he didn't even attempt to lift his eyelids as his eyes were sore and heavy with sleep. He was sure they must be made of lead at the way they weighed themselves closed no matter how hard he tried to lift them. Softly he groaned to himself as he rolled onto his back on his mattress. Gradually he could feel himself waking from his ambiguous dozing state. However, the more conscious he became, the more aware he was of a rapidly increasing 'problem' that was brewing in his white Calvin Klein Boxer briefs. His usual 'morning wood' was turning into something a little more serious and as he lay there staring at the ceiling he realized why. Quickly rising from his position — he made a dash — in nothing but boxer briefs — to the bathroom. His body was tight with unreleased tension as he rounded the corner to the bathroom, images and memories of Gabriella still circling his mind — only to be stopped by the sound of his mother's voice as it travelled up the stairs from the kitchen. He looked down at the still-present tent and sighed. "Troy? Troy Alexander Bolton, are you up?" Lucille called out. He stopped and rubbed his hand over his face tiredly. "Yeah, Ma! I'm up." Troy replied. He looked at his 'problem' again and laughed in spite of himself. "I'm up all right..." he murmured humorously to himself, quickly proceeding to the bathroom before he had a chance of being caught in his current predicament. He closed the door behind him, before quickly stripping of his underwear and stepping into the big, open shower and running it cold. He jumped at the shock of the sudden temperature and only just stopped himself from letting out a yelp. He calmed his heart as he slightly increased the temperature, letting the water run down his body as he tried desperately to rid the arousal from his body. He gripped his Lynx shower gel bottle and squeezed the liquid into his palm, rubbing into contents into his skin. He stepped out the shower, stretching his muscular body out reaching for the ceiling, releasing its tension, before pulling a towel off the rack and rubbing himself dry. He wrapped the towel low at his waist before standing at the sink. Looking at the reflection of himself in the mirror, he couldn't help himself. He stopped as he met his eyes in the mirror and he shook his head. "Troy!" Lucille yelled. He groaned at the sound of his mother’s voice at the bottom of the stairs. He then proceeded to stick his head out the door to reply. "Yeah?" Troy said. "When you get down here, I need help unpacking groceries." Lucille called out. He moved toward his room. "And don't forget — you've got school in ten minutes." she called. "Okay. Be down in a minute!" Troy called before walking back to his room. He quickly closed the door behind him before his gaze fell on his work outfit of blue dress shirt and white trousers. He pulled on a tight white t-shirt and a pair of baggy black jeans over a clean pair of Calvin Klein's. With one spray of cologne he made his way down the stairs. "There you are..." Lucille Bolton smiled as he crisp and chipper only son emerged in the kitchen. He smiled and leaned over to kiss her cheek. "Mornin' Mama." He looked over at the many brown bags on the countertop as he reached for an apple. "More groceries?" he asked in an amused manner. "Well, you obviously don't realise how much you eat. You and your father, that is..." she smirked as she patted her son's strong arm. "Now — make sure you eat breakfast, then—" she pointed to the bags. "—groceries." she finished. "Yes ma'am." Troy agreed in a begrudged tone. "And maybe, when you finally earn enough to properly fix that deathtrap truck of yours, you can start buying the groceries for me, and then I'll unpack them instead." Lucille said. His mother rounded the fridge and came back into view as Troy rolled his eyes playfully at her comment. "Hey — My truck is not a deathtrap!" Troy whined. Lucille's eyebrows rose at him skeptically. "It's not!" he conceded, before tipping his head to the side a little and licking his bottom lip. "It's a work-in-progress." Troy said innocently. His mother laughed as she winked at her son. "Okay then." she chuckled. Troy chomped at his apple before beginning to unpack the groceries as he hummed to himself. When he was about half-way through, his mother reappeared. She leant her shoulder against the fridge and just watched him. "Troy..." she enquired. "Hmm?" Troy mumbled. "That was the new kid you were helping at school, wasn't it?" she asked. Troy looked up and cocked his chin in surprise. "You mean Brett? Yeah. He's a shy kid, Mom." Troy said. "And he goes to East High too, doesn't he?" she asked, trying to remember. Troy creased up his eyes as he frowned in confusion. "Yeah." he said, trying to keep his voice complacent. She smoothed her apron as she came to stand opposite him on the other side of the kitchen island. "I hope you're being nice to him." she said, searching through a grocery bag. He couldn't contain the scoff that built up in his throat. "Of course I am, Mom. I talked to him when he was alone during lunch on his first day, remember?" Troy said, chuckling lightly. "You know that's not what I meant." she conceded. He sighed. "He's a strong person, Ma. I mean, god, he must have to be... But honestly?" Troy muttered towards the end. "Honestly...?" Lucille smiled. "Honestly... I worry about Brett, and I don't always know why. There are so many jerks who are practically waiting for the opportunity to bully him — make fun of him... I just... Can't stand the idea of it." Troy said truthfully. His mother could read him like a book and he'd always been a mommy's boy. Lucille rounded the island and pulled her son into a hug, her arms around him tightly. "You're a good person, Troy." she said, his mouth at his shoulder. "You're a beautiful person. You care for those who need caring for — and most of all, you do it because you want to." She pulled back enough to look into his eyes, pushing his bangs back and kissing his forehead. He squirmed playfully but didn't protest to her comfort. "And most of all, you're not just that—" She smoothed his hair back. "—You're also a man. A strong, brave, kind man." Lucille finished. "Mom—" Troy smiled, touched. "Now — I know, I'm your mom, I'm inclined to say that — but... it's true." She smiled as she stepped back and went to pick up a magazine. She turned back to him as he busied himself with groceries to stop the emotion he felt from spilling onto his features. "Troy?" she said. Troy looked up but said nothing. "If you really do care about Brett — don't spend the rest of your senior year in silence! From what I know, this boy is lonely — and undeserving of it. He has a disposition that makes him different... Please don't be the one to treat him like he is..." Lucille said but stopped. Troy paused but gave her look that said he was listening — interested. "If you don't want all those jerks to get to Brett, especially Weston Miller..." she paused as he smoothed his arm. "Then... don't let them." she finished. He smiled. "I've met Brett's parents a few times and from what I could tell from his mom, Brett's a lot more fragile than you think. What with his past and all, he has literally zero self-esteem... Which means..." Lucille said. Troy folded his arms over his chest, intrigued. "Which means?" he asked. "Which means every little thing you've done in the past to effect a new kid will most likely affect Brett a completely different way... From the experience I've had at the hospital with people in similar situations, I can guarantee he'll be worried to death about how people see him — his past, his reputation — every single second that he's with you... And, sadly.. that may never go away..." Lucille said sympathetically. Troy felt her words hit him deep, deep with his chest, making him ache helplessly. "Never? But Mom, if that's the case, then how do I...? What do I do? How is that possible?" Troy asked desperately. "This is not just self-consciousness for him, honey. I should think this trauma has haunted Brett just about every moment since he was old enough to think..." She paused for a moment, taking in her son's deeply concentrated and interested look. "Just..." she sighed. "—every person is special, and all every person wants is to be made feel exactly that by the people they love — and I imagine that can only be exceedingly true for Brett..." Lucille sighed. He agreed and understood what she was saying, and could feel her trying to imprint it into his brain. He felt his conscience soaking up her words like a sponge. Before he could stop himself though, curiosity got the better of him. "What is it that's wrong with Brett, exactly? I mean, he acts happy... with him being jovial when he's around me... shy too – from what I've noticed anyway — and that's why he feels lonely... right? ...I've never seen anything like it..." Troy said. "I couldn't tell you what trauma he has been through if I wanted to, honey. It's a deep and dark part of him and only he can tell you... Trust me." Lucille calmly stated. He looked like he was planning something. "Just..." she started. Troy looked up. "Be careful with him, Troy." Lucille said calmly. He nodded and she walked into the garden.


Troy decided to stop by the bathroom. As soon as Troy set one foot into the restroom, it took him a split second to hear the muffled sobbing. Another split second to hear a small gasp and the sniffing that comes when you try to stop crying, and yet another second to decide that he was not going to walk right back out the door. With a strong obligation taking hold of him, Troy walked over to one of the stalls and lightly pushed it open without even knocking first. There, sitting, Brett was curled up in a ball leaning against the wall and hiding his head in his knees. Troy stared at Brett taken aback by the strength of Brett’s reaction, confused. Brett looked devastated, broken, no light in his eyes. Brett quickly looked up, holding his breath, the tears still running down his face. Tears ran unceasingly from his eyes, spreading down his cheeks. His eyes were reddened and raw and bloodshot and caught somewhere between sad and horror. Brett weeps softly but desperately gasps for breath.

Troy hearing Brett whimpering.

"Brett? Brett, what is it? What happened?" Troy asked carefully, his voice full of worry. The brunette male walked over and lowered himself onto the floor beside the broken boy. The saddened Asian boy sniffled and looked up, seeing Troy's deep cerulean eyes and shook his head. "Brett? Hey, come here..." Troy whispered as he slid down next to him on the floor, pulling the struggling boy into his arms. "What's wrong?" Troy asked gently. "Nothing..." Brett gasped between sobs, fighting to get away from the worried jock. Troy ignored his stubbornness, pulling his head to his chest, letting Brett grab his shirt. He soon stopped fighting. The two teenagers barely noticed the warning bell ring. Troy studied Brett as his sobs began to subside. "Brett? What happened?" Troy whispered calmly. He would be lying if he said that he wasn't feeling the awkwardness of the situation, he barely knew Brett Shimura and here he was being Brett’s personal shoulder to cry on. In spite of all this, he couldn't deny Brett his help, the moment he saw Brett crying he knew if he didn't assist Brett, he would be all alone and if Troy was taught one thing as a child, it was that no one deserves to be alone. "I can't." Brett whispered into his chest. "Can't what? Brett, I can't help you if you don't tell me what is going on." Troy said soothingly. "It— It’s just my stupid locker. It won’t open." Brett chuckled dryly. "You're crying because your locker won’t open?" Troy asked incredulously. Something made him think that it was so much more than that. "Yes!" Brett explained, pushing Troy off of him. A shocked Troy studied his broken facial expression. "Brett, tell me what is going on. Please." Troy stated gently. The tears were still flowing down Brett’s cheeks, leaving behind wet trails of tears. He shook his head so fast it was almost violent, quickly backing away from him. "T— Troy. I know you think you are helping... but... but you aren't. You can't. P— please, just go. I’m fine." Brett choked out. "What? Brett—" Troy pleaded. "Please, Troy." Brett begged desperately. He didn't know what it was, but the second Brett Shimura looked him dead in the eye he knew he wouldn't be able to deny Brett. There was something about those big brown eyes that left him heart-broken. Something horrible. Troy obviously wasn't getting through to Brett well enough, he tried another strategy. "Now, Brett. You are crying. What kind of friend would I be if I just let you stay here all by yourself, crying? That would mean I don't care about you, right? But I'm not that person; never have been and never will be. I don't know how you could think you could be fine after looking like this..." Troy replied, holding up his index finger to signal one second to Brett before he switched their position so he was leaning against the toilet and his back was pressed against the cold wall. "Brett, please tell me what is going on. What happened?" he told Brett. Brett turned quick and took a deep breath once they broke apart. Brett looked down at the ground, feeling his tears coming on again. Troy knew Brett was hoping he would buy the fact that there was nothing wrong. He knew Brett didn't want to talk about the real reason. "Brett, I know something is making you bottle up. Please tell me." Troy said. "What if this ruins our friendship? You’ll hate me—" Brett was cut off when Troy shook his head lightly. "Brett, do you honestly think something as silly and achieving as being open about your feelings would end our friendship? Because I don't. And you know what the best part is? You get to share this experience with your best friend in the world, no matter what the outcome. Whatever happens, happens and it's for the best. And before you even say what you are thinking, it's going to be okay because I will listen to you a million and one times if I have to, as long as you're okay. It's my job to make people happy and smile." Troy smirked down at Brett as he finished his monologue. Brett sighed when Troy nudged him softly, and he looked back at him. When Brett was showing no signs of moving after a couple of minutes, Troy began to think. He knew Brett was depressed. There was something else and he knew it. "Talk to me. There is something you aren't telling me, and I don't want to force you to talk if you don't want to. But, I do want to help you. I'm here, I promise you that. You can talk to me." he pleaded with Brett. Brett cried, one hand rushing up to cover the tears still running down his face. Troy examined the broken Asian boy. When Brett didn't stop crying, Troy took hold of his wrist and guided it down to reveal the poorly-hidden expression. Brett flinched a bit at Troy's touch. He was heart-broken to see Brett frozen in place with silent tears streaming down his cheeks.

Troy comforting Brett.

Brett looked so broken and it immediately crumbled Troy's resolve. Brett began trembling as he tried to contain his sobs, which Troy was quick to notice. Troy simply sat there, holding Brett's hand as Brett continued crying. He looked at Troy with cold eyes. "Troy, please don't do this." Brett sighed. "Do what?" Troy asked, without breaking eye-contact. "This 'getting-to-know-me' thing. Talking about feelings thing. You wouldn't understand." Brett replied. "Why? What's wrong with sharing your feelings?" Troy replied calmly. "Just..." Brett sobbed. "Talk to me, Brett. I can tell something else is up." Troy said, trying to capture Brett's attention. "Brett, you got to stop bottling up your feelings. You have to listen to your heart. The person inside you is screaming and you're trying to press him back." Troy said in a careful tone. Brett proceeds to cry. Troy felt a sharp, unwelcome pain in his heart and as he had known all along, it hurt when he realized how sad Brett really was. Brett began to tremble even harder. With his lips quivering and tears running down his face, Brett breathed before composing himself. "Please, Brett." was all Troy said in response as he studied Brett. "Just drop it Troy, I'm fine." Brett snarled. Troy shook his head in defiance, his face softening. "You're not fine, Brett. You won't be for a long time if you don't tell me. And even though I don't know you as well as I would like, I know some things." Troy said. "Troy—" Brett whispered. "You're going to hold this in, maybe because you want to protect your image, or maybe because you are scared to death of facing the truth." Troy said. "Stop—" Brett protested. "But it is going to eat away at you until you can't take it anymore. You will continue to alienate everyone around you, thinking that you are doing what you need to do in order to protect them." Troy continued. Brett looked at him through his teary eyes, wishing he would stop. "In reality, all you will really be doing is hurting yourself even more. You will break one day into unfixable pieces and you won't be able to stop it." Troy said. Brett looked down at the floor, not saying a word. "Well if you knew him you'd understand Chad is a—" Troy said, but was cut off. "Let me guess, Chad is a real special friend and to him you're his buddy; his best friend and when Chad plays with you it's like..." Brett retorted bitterly. "Even though you're not moving, you feel like you're alive, because that's how he sees you." he finished wistfully. "How did you know that?" Troy asked. "Because... Jason was just the same, he was my whole world." Brett said dejectedly. "Y— You never forget a brother like Jason... but they forget you." Brett whispered out at the end, gripping his hands tightly.

Troy after seeing a crying Brett.

Troy had just processed that Brett’s brother had died and he knew Brett didn't like to talk about him. And now that Brett was, Troy wasn't going to let him down. Troy sits there, stunned. "Brett, I know your brother was important to you. I know I can’t take away your pain, but I’m very sorry for your loss." Troy said sympathetically. He soon felt remorse for Brett. He felt remorse for Brett because he had been put through hell at such a young age and the pain clearly ate away at him. And Troy felt remorse for him because he didn't want this to dominate his life. "But one thing is for sure: you are never, ever alone. No matter where we go in life, no matter what happens, you will always have people who love you to lean on, to call, anything. You will never be alone." Troy said vehemently as he studied the vulnerable Brett. "And second of all, you know what?" Troy said, looking down at Brett and Brett shrugged his shoulders. Brett gently wiped away some of his tears with his thumb. "He's there. Jason will always be there with you." That was all Troy said for a moment, letting it sink in. And he meant every word he said. "Jason will be there, he has the best brother ever... you. He'll be there, cheering you on, Wildcat. He'll be watching right in front of you while you live your life of awesomeness. He'll watch while you get your diploma and he will watch with pride by your parents when the class is announced and you throw your graduation cap in the air. He is always here, that is something I know, and I can promise you 100% everywhere else after that for the rest of your life. He's been with you the whole time. In fact..." Troy stopped for a second as Brett wiped more tears away from his tear-stained face. "I bet he's next to us right now, threatening me not to hurt you in his head and wishing you wouldn't cry. He is telling me that everything will be okay." Troy said proudly when Brett shifted. "You are far too young to experience this traumatic thing. I might not have known you for as long as I wish I had, but it seems to me that in your short life, you taught so many people so much – about strength, hope, friendship, bravery... you are the epitome of a warrior. You're fighting a long, hard battle with the loss of your brother and you, Brett – you have so much living left to do. Your brother would've liked you to move on with your life. You're strong, you're brave... you're stubborn! You have many years ahead of you, filled with dream after dream I have no doubt you will achieve. I also have no doubt that what you are going through will allow you to help others in the future. You're destined for big things, Brett, and I hope you know that Jason is right there in your heart through every goal that you reach, cheering you on and making sure he knows that that amazing guy right there... he's with you." Troy said in a graceful tone. Brett smiled amusingly. "Tell you what..." Troy began, placing his hand over his as Brett looked at him. "After this conversation, think about your brother and imagine it's him protecting you, not me. And you'll be able to feel how proud he is. Trust me." Troy finished. Brett smiled warmly, slowly nodding his head; his dark chocolate brown eyes glistening slightly. "Whoa, stop right there, Wildcat." Troy placed his hand on Brett's face to make him look at him and took one of his hands. "Remember: it's not your fault and don't blame yourself because, it isn't your fault about what happened to Jason. I just don't want you to hurt yourself because... it hurts me that you're in pain and it also hurts me to know that I wasn't there for you when your brother died. I want you to know that, like I said before, no matter what happens, people will be there right by your side because that's where they want to be and they want you to know that you can always come to them even when you're trying to be strong. My arms are always opened for you if you just need to let out a cry because Brett, breaking points are not very healthy and it hurts me watching you have that breaking point. And please don't ever think that you don't deserve anyone because I can't picture myself seeing you so sad." Troy stated. Brett had tears in his eyes as he looked in Troy's eyes who also had tears in them because he hated that Troy thought he wasn't good enough for him so Brett wiped away the tears away from his face with the pad of his thumbs. Troy slowly pulled away but rested his hand on Brett’s shoulder. Brett nodded his head before opening his eyes to look in his. Troy gave Brett a genuine smile before pulling away from him. Brett nodded his head with a small smile on his face before looking at him. "Having me as your friend, it's my job to make sure that you're feeling safe and respected. So that will be my mission. What do you say that we go finish a school day of being optimistic?" Troy offered proudly. Brett smiled, nodding his head. Troy, finally giving Brett the acceptance he's craved and needed for so long, then exchange glances — it's a poignant moment that most definitely hints at a beautiful friendship. "You won't be sad forever, Brett." Troy said sincerely, still noticing sadness in Brett's eyes.


Being a good-hearted person seemed to excite Troy more than most. He loved meeting and greeting, filling days where he would normally only have boredom with something he could accomplish, and most importantly, he loved helping people. In the last few years, Troy had mentally matured, without even realizing it at first. For example, when he thought about the copious amounts of money he hoped make if he went Pro in the NBA, he could see himself giving the money to those who really need it, instead of keeping it all for himself. However, lately another addition had been sub-consciously added to Troy's list of those who he would 'give the world' to. His thoughts were interrupted by the approaching voice of his mother as she made her way into the kitchen where he dithered. "Troy, why are you doing all your homework at the kitchen and you're just standing here? You lazy butt!" she exclaimed before hitting him hard on the bicep. Troy let out a lazy laugh and rubbed his arm excessively, pretending to be hurt. "Actually Ma, I'm on a three minute break. And considering you love me so much, I'm sure you won't mind granting me that." Troy said with a charming smile. Lucille rolled her eyes as she turned to place empty and dirty plates on the side to be cleaned. "So, to what do I owe this pleasure, Ma?" he asked, feeding her a crooked grin. "Have you talked to Brett?" she asked casually, leaning against the free kitchen counter. He turned and leant against the wall opposite her, sipping water from his glass. "Yeah. Why?" Troy asked, worried. Lucille squinted playfully at him. "I was going to ask you the same question." She looked down and smoothed her apron. "I mean, I know I only met Brett yesterday, but seriously. The way I described him though, he seemed fine, better than fine actually. You know, it sounds like he seemed perfectly... himself. And he stayed that way all the way though 'till today in the bathroom... He suddenly looked really upset and he hasn't been the same happy person since..." Troy faded at what he was saying and stood in silence. Lucille looked at him. "I haven't known him that long, Mom. I mean, I've seen him 'round school for two days now, but I've never really hung out with him until today, and after the thing with—" he sighed and rubbed his hands down his face. "What thing with who-now?" she exclaimed. "Let's just say — When I happened to walk in on the scene I heard crying and a very broken person..." he said, gravely. "Oh, Troy..." Lucille said as she put a hand down on the counter. She began pacing toward the exit. "So what was it that happened after this thing with whatever happened?" Lucille asked. "Guess." Troy said. She stood still, turning back towards him, deliberately saying nothing. Troy sighed. "Brett basically broke down — more than a little bit... I feel so... awful about it all, Ma. Really, I do. He does so well to be so composed and happy from what I've seen in the past day." He ran a hand through his hair, frustrated. "He doesn't deserve any of this shit!" he quietly exclaimed. Suddenly he slammed a palm onto the countertop, hard, startling her. "I mean god — he cried, Ma!" he paused, looking at her, forlorn, grabbing his fringe, hard. "Brett cried!" he said, his voice cracking at the word. "Brett sobbed on me." he paused, looking down at the floor. "On me for christ sake! — Someone he only really met a day ago — it was like... like he didn't have anyone else. I mean... Me? Really...?" He sighed, hoping for some womanly incite from his mother. When he received none, he placed a palm to his forehead, exasperated, as he carried on explaining. "He was shaking, and he tried to tell me that— He tried to speak about... But he was so upset and broken that I could tell he tried to get the freakin' words out!" Troy sighed deeply. Lucille shook her head and cast him a sympathetic look as he dropped his head gravely, closing his eyes. "That's awful Troy." she said, before suddenly switching to anger again at the sight of a distressed Troy and the thought of a broken Brett. "That boy — It sounds like he's been through something traumatic—" Troy stopped her, and shook his head. "Tell me about it." he said. He rubbed his face and groaned before chuckling, patting her on the shoulder in agreement. "Oh, Troy. Brett's going to be so happy when he realizes he practically has you there." Lucille said. Troy squinted at her, looking sideways at her. "Pff! Please! He does not—" Troy sighed. "Oh stop already! We both know he is depressed — has depression — and honestly I'm not too sure how I feel about tha—" Lucille chuckled lightly. He shook his head and waved her off quickly, rolling his eyes. "I'm not talking anymore about this with you, Ma." Troy replied stubbornly. "Troy, Yo—" Lucille called out. "Nope." he interrupted as he began to pick up his tray and walk through the kitchen towards the staircase.


Troy made his way through the back of the school, clearing up, desperately trying to avoid having to go to lunch and see Gabriella. He honestly had no idea what to do around her when Weston was around, and he'd rather not give it a try at all. However, temptation became too much for him, as he crept round the corner and watched Gabriella interact with the other students while he leant against the wall. "She's interesting, isn't she? Your sexy-hot girlfriend." a voice seethed. Troy ground his teeth – a tell he wished he could get rid of – and balled his fists at the sound of that voice close behind him. "Miller. What part of back off don't you understand?" Troy asked angrily. Weston didn't answer, he just smirked and watched Gabriella just as Troy had done a few moments before. "Calm down, Bolton. You get wound up to easily. For once in your life, forget the girl and give up while you're still ahead." he jeered. Troy's jaw locked. "Excuse me?" he said. Weston just smiled. "Give up the girl, Bolton. We both know you have always had the most tragic taste in girls– I mean, you really don't know how to up 'em. And there's a reason that that hasn't happened since, Bolton..." He neared Troy a little, who stood his ground. "I could say because they were all whores, but no. The real reason is because, there haven't been anymore girlfriends, have there Troy?" Weston asked. Troy stiffened at the mention of his first name. "Get out of my face." Troy sternly said. "Oh don't worry. I plan on getting into hers instead." Weston indicated to Gabriella, complacently. Troy neared Weston this time. "If you fucking dare..." he seethed. "Bolton, be reasonable. She's any man's game." Weston smiled evilly. Troy could feel himself boiling over. "No..." Troy growled, lowly. "Gabriella is not any man's game. She's no one's game. Don't you dare–" he finished. "Dare, what, Bolton? Dare fuck her, like I did in my dreams?" Weston asked aroused. Troy neared his face, Weston's mere three more inches of height not intimidating him at all. "I don't want any of this, Miller. You don't mean anything to me. I am so over you that I can't even be bothered to hit you... But, I won't hesitate to pummel you if you don't listen to me when I say..." He paused as he became inches from Weston's face. "Leave. Gabriella. Alone." Troy growled. For a moment, Weston was silent as he sized up the threat. After a few moments, he let out a chuckle, but began to move, signifying his temporary dismissal. "Bolton. She's spazticated, fat and ugly. You actually think I'd really sleep with a freak like that?" Weston smirked as he chuckled. He past Troy and moved into the bright light of the school, in Gabriella's general direction. "She probably doesn't even know how to put out anyway... But, I suppose it would be an interesting experiment..." Weston snarled. Troy watched as Weston neared the table of female students – including Gabriella – and he panicked. He walked forward into the front of East High and grabbed Weston by the arm.


Get'cha Head in the Game


The second Brett stepped inside Troy's house, he was greeted with a big bear hug from Lucille. "Brett, it's so nice to finally meet you. Troy has told us so much about you!" Lucille said happily. She released Brett. "You can call me Lucille. We are so happy you're here." she smiled gracefully. "Thank you." Brett smiled politely. "Mom, like I said before I called Brett, he is really shy upon first meeting. Give him a chance to warm up to you." Troy said with a soft smile. Lucille nodded and headed into the kitchen. Troy smiled at Brett. "Sorry, I should have warned you about my mom." Troy apologized sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. "It's okay. I just need to get comfortable." Brett chuckled. "Come on, I'll show you my room. Then we can go outside and shoot some hoops." Troy said. The Japanese boy blushed. "I think I'm going to start calling you Bashful or Blushy." Troy chuckled. Brett was so red making Troy laugh even more. Brett looked away, hiding his face. "Oh no..." Troy laughed went over to him and made Brett look back at him. "No more hiding, Wildcat. You need to embrace your awesomeness to the world." Troy said. Brett laughed but nodded. "I'm done. Come on, follow me." Troy said. They walked down the hallway to Troy's bedroom and went inside. Brett looked around and giggled softly. "Wow, I guess it's safe to say you hate basketball." Brett joked, chuckling sheepishly. Troy laughed with him. “Oh yeah, with a passion." he chuckled sarcastically. "So... what do we do now?" Brett asked shyly. "Whatever you want to do. It's your day. Today is all about you." Troy said, smiling happily. That made Brett blush. "I— I don't know. Um... I just normally do what people tell me." Brett stated. "I'll give you options and you can pick." Troy said. "Can't you just tell me what to do?" Brett asked. "I did. I said you have to pick, that's what you have to do. We can play basketball, like I said earlier. We can watch a movie. If you don't like those ideas, I can come up with more." Troy suggested. Brett was quiet for a minute. "Basketball, I guess..." Brett chuckled awkwardly. Troy laughed. "Okay, basketball it is." Troy smiled warmly. Troy led him outside. "If I were to ask you who or what makes you happy, would you tell me?" Troy asked gently. Brett walked over to the bedroom window and looked out. Sighing, Troy went over to Brett and put a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, Brett. I didn't mean to push so hard. I just... I hate seeing you so sad and I want to help make you happy anyway I can. I can only do that if you talk to me and tell me the truth." Troy said. He frowned as Brett pulled away ever so slightly. "What's wrong?" Troy asked. "Nothing. Nothing." Brett lied, forcing a smile. Troy noticed a faint discoloration on his cheek. "What is that?" Troy frowned. "What's what?" Brett asked. "That." Troy said, seeing the mark on Brett's cheek, revealing a tiny bruise on his face. "Who did this to you?" Troy asked angrily. Brett said nothing. "This is why you've been acting so weird lately, isn't it? You've been hiding this from me all this time." Troy realized. Brett stayed silent, his entire body trembling in fear and shame as his eyes started to swell with tears. "Brett, don't cry. Don't cry. It's going to be okay." The blue-eyed boy forced a weak smile as he looked into Brett's eyes, his dark brown orbs trapped in a state of absolute terror, causing a lump to form in his throat. "I'm going to make sure this never happens again. I just need you to tell me who did it." Troy promised. Brett stayed silent. He blinked slowly as the tears continued to rain down his face. "Look, I egged him on. You saw it." Brett whispered, barely slipping past his lips. He saw Troy's eyes widen. "How long has this been going on?" he asked, heart-broken. "He’s never hit me before, and I promise you, I’ll never hit me again." with every word, Brett's voice began to tremble more, a strangled sob escaping his lips as he chocked. "Why...? Why didn't you tell me?" Troy asked gently. "I didn't want you to hate me." Brett sobbed. Troy pulled away from him ever so slightly, his ocean-blue eyes trying to meet Brett’s dark brown orbs. "Hate you?" Troy asked, stunned. "You think that I'm special? My own parents don't even want me." Brett hung his head in shame. Troy could hardly believe his ears. "Brett, look at me..." he told Brett, gently placing a hand on his shoulder, forcing Brett to meet his eye. "You are not worthless. Or unwanted. Or unimportant. Remember what I said to you on your first day at East High? You are the epitome of a warrior. Now how many people can say that? You are the bravest guy I have ever met. And there is nothing that could ever make me hate you." Troy emphasized. Brett stared at Troy for a moment, the rivers of coming to a stop at his friend's kind words. "You really... you really think I'm that important?" Brett asked in a disbelief tone. Troy gave him a brief smile. "I do." Troy said warmingly. "My parents don't think so. They despise me." Brett stated, giving Troy a heartbroken look. "I don't know." Troy simply said, not knowing what to say. "I work so hard to please them. To give any reason to love me." Brett's eyes stung as a new river of tears began to form. "I know." Troy quickly pulled Brett into his arms as the skinny Asian wept, gently rubbing small circles across his back as Brett trembled in his arms. "It's not your fault, Brett. Never forget — it's not your fault." The blue-eyed boy gently said. "Does anyone else know about this?" he asked carefully. "No. No one." Brett answered between sniffles. "You can't tell anyone!" he insisted, recognizing the look on Troy's face. "Promise me you won't tell anyone." Brett begged. "Brett, you can't go back to that house. Please, let me help you. I can tell my parents and get you to—" Troy begged. "No! I can't leave them, Troy. They‘re all I have." Brett pleaded between tears. "Okay, okay." Troy gently said, blinking slowly. "I promise I won't tell anyone. But you need to do something for me." Troy choked out. "What?" Brett sniffled. "Spend the night." Troy said firmly. "Spend the—" Brett said, but his eyes widened in fear. "No. Troy, my parents will literally murder me." Brett said, dumbstruck. "I have an idea. Wait for me while I talk to my parents. I'll be back as quick as I can." Troy promised.

The next day at school, Troy arrived at Principal Matsui's office. All he wanted was to help Brett. He wanted Brett to be happy all the time, not just when leaving school. But there was something else going on that was stopping that; something was going on to prevent Brett from being happy all the time. There were no signs of physical abuse and from what he knew, there were clear signs of mental abuse. He sat down on the wooden chair as the Principal looked to him. "Sir, I've wanted to talk to you about a very serious reason. I met a boy named Brett yesterday who is new to East High, Sir..." Troy said with a serious face. "You know I love helping people, but I just wish I could help this one, poor kid out. His name is Brett. Sir, you need to understand something. I have a feeling Brett has a past he doesn't want to talk about to anyone." Troy finished. "Yes, well, keep a close eye on him, Troy." Principal Matsui stated. "I’ve been hanging out with him, Sir. Watching him be so... vulnerable... hurt me." Troy cut him off sympathetically. He stood up in his chair, feeling sick. "Sir, I feel like something terrible is going on at home that is causing Brett to be more closed off and quiet. But he has no signs of abuse, no bruises or cuts or anything. Before I came in here, Brett told me about the death of his brother. Sir, you should've seen how broken Brett was...” Troy replied sadly. He just hoped he could help Brett. By the way Troy described him, he was worried he'd never be able to help this boy out of his shell.


"Brett, you haven't slept in three days." Troy shot back, regretting the tone of his voice but knowing of no other way to get through to him. "You haven't slept, you've barely eaten, you're behaving erratically, and you won't talk about it or accept that Jason is gone... Brett, you're losing touch with reality." He forced himself to lower his voice as he saw tears forming in Brett's eyes. "I'm really worried about you, Brett. Everything that's happened in the past few days, it's too much... You're falling apart, and I don't know how to help you. I'm afraid for you, afraid of what's happening to you." Troy paused. "My mom took the morning off and made an appointment with a psychiatrist that specializes in post-traumatic stress disorder... You can talk to her yourself, or we can do it together — whatever you want. I just... need you to be okay again." Troy said. He'd expected Brett to argue or try to explain away his actions, but he didn't. His eyes locked with Troy's. Brett nodded mutely, seeming finally to accept what was happening to him. Troy could only hope that that was the case, because he couldn't bear to consider the alternative.


"Troy, your friend is suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder." Dr. Sheldon told Troy as she closed the door of her office. "I, of course, can't reveal specific details of the conversation that I had with Brett when you weren't in the room, but I trust that this diagnosis does not come as a surprise to you." she went on. Troy shook his head. "There are three categories of symptoms for this disorder." Dr. Sheldon explained. "The first is intrusive memories — mainly flashbacks and nightmares. The second is avoidance and emotional numbing — refusing to talk about the traumatic events, avoiding events that were previously enjoyed, trouble concentrating, and hopelessness about the future. And the third category is anxiety and increased emotional arousal. That includes irritability, anger, self-destructive behavior, trouble sleeping, being easily frightened, and hearing or seeing things that aren't there." Dr. Sheldon said. "So Brett is exhibiting symptoms from all three categories." Troy concluded quietly.
"Under normal circumstances, I'd consider admitting him for further psychiatric testing, but tomorrow is a holiday, and our office will be closed on Friday, so I don't think that's the right option at the moment. But I would strongly advise against leaving Brett alone for the next few days. And don't try to force him to talk about what he's feeling. Acknowledge his fears, let him know you're there for him, but don't push. Keep things as light and normal as possible around him." Dr. Sheldon continued. Troy nodded. "Brett is afraid to sleep, because the nightmares are terrifying him. The lack of sleep is exacerbating his other symptoms, making him extremely unstable and paranoid. I'm prescribing a strong sedative for you to give him tonight. Hopefully it will offer Brett some relief and help both of you get some sleep." Dr. Sheldon said. "What about this notion he has that Jason is... alive?" Troy asked. Dr. Sheldon shook her head. "It's a shame that he did this in such a manner. Brett desperately needs closure, and the fact that the body wasn't recovered makes it very difficult for him to accept his brother's death." "So if he can't accept it, this is never really going to be over." Troy realized. The lump in his gut hardened. "He'll be able to move on, but it's going to take time and therapy to help him learn to deal with everything that's happened and not let him fear consume his life." Dr. Sheldon clarified. Troy's head dropped into his hands.


"Brett..." he began, waiting for Brett's eyes to meet his. "I know this is scary for you. You don't understand what's happening, and everything seems really uncertain. Buddy, I am here with you, and so are Gabriella, Chad, Taylor, and my parents. We are all going to get through this together, okay? I'm not going anywhere. You are the most important person to us, and we will do anything, anything, to help you feel better. If you need to talk, we'll listen. If you need to cry, we'll hold you. If you need a distraction, we'll make you laugh. If you need to feel safe and loved, we'll do everything we can to make that happen. You just need to talk to me, let me know how you're feeling, and let me help you. Can you do that?" Troy asked in desperation. Brett's eyes glistened. "...I'll try." he finally told him. "That's my buddy!" Troy replied with a smile. "Now, I know you have things to do to get ready for tomorrow, but I want you to try to get some sleep first. Dr. Lentz will be here with you until my mom's flight arrives, and she can help you with your grocery shopping. How does that sound?" Troy asked. Brett looked at him again, and his eyes betrayed the torture of his emotions. "I'm... I'm scared, Troy." he admitted quietly. "Brett, I know you are." he replied gently, moving to sit next to Brett on the couch. "But the medicine Dr. Sheldon gave you will help you sleep without having to worry about nightmares. You can take some now so you can rest, and then you'll wake up and feel better by the time my mom gets here. Then when my parents get here later tonight, you three can stuff and chop and mince and whatever else you do to make food, and my dad and I can sit on the couch with our guts hanging out and watch football. It's the American way!" Troy said, winking at Brett. A small laugh forced it way out of Brett's chest, and Troy's heart soared to see the beginnings of a smile on his face. "So what do you say?" he told Brett, his voice tinged with huskiness. "You don't have a gut, Troy. Neither does your dad. You're just as fit as hell. Probably more so." Brett said. Troy smiled. "Thanks for noticing, but don't try to change the subject. How about that nap?" he asked. "Okay." Brett answered softly. "Good boy. Come on, I will stay with you, fit physique and all, until you fall asleep." Troy encouraged.


What I've Been Looking For


Stick to the Status Quo


When There Was Me and You


Bop to the Top


Breaking Free


We’re All In This Together


What Time Is It?




Work This Out


You Are The Music In Me


I Don't Dance


Gotta Go My Own Way


Bet On It




All For One


Now or Never


Right Here, Right Now


I Want It All


Can I Have This Dance


A Night To Remember


Just Wanna Be With You


The Boys Are Back


Walk Away




We're All In This Together

The episode gives us a little insight as to what happened in the moments we weren’t privy to in the Pilot.


High School Musical



  • It is typical in most high school settings to have the jock as the bad guy but Troy Bolton is a jock in a positive light.
  • In a series that highlights the ruthlessness of some students in high school, Troy serves as a beacon of light. After all, Troy is a popular jock. But, he is more than just a popular kid — he is the exception.
    • Troy is the most popular guy at East High. He is handsome, charming, a superb athlete and a grade-A student. Unlike Weston Miller and Sharpay Evans, he never bullies anyone: he rules through charisma and general awesomeness rather than fear and manipulation.
    • To the students of East High, Troy is the definition of goodness and heroism, and in turn, they constantly praise him and treat him with the utmost admiration and respect.
    • Troy brings hope to the world and its inhabitants in its darkest hour. He represents being the determinator in many events as he brings hope to the world and not look into the despair of his current dillema.
    • Troy inspires hope in many ways: boosting the morale of his allies, persistently keep fighting his enemies even though they are cold-hearted, proving cynics wrong about their own jaded ideals, and inspires people who have started lose hope by reassuring them that all is not completely lost.
  • He's a nice guy through and through, but you do not want to make him angry, usually by trying anything funny on him or anyone he cares about; Troy will wipe the grass with anyone who dares. He throws himself into potentially dangerous situations to protect the people that he cares about, or even strangers.
    • Only three things make Troy mad: when someone messes with his family and friends, when he sees people bullying other people, and when there is racism and homophobia involved.
  • Troy and Gabriella had common ground to relate to one another on. They’re both only teenagers, and they both felt as though they had been pre-packaged into boxes by their peers (”The Basketball Guy” and the school’s “Freaky Genius Girl”).
  • He serves as a mentor to new kid, Brett Shimura, as he struggles through being bullied at East High.
    • Troy sort of becomes Brett's mentor and best friend. Brett really admires and respects Troy.
    • Troy is the first person who reaches out to Brett — the first person to ask for Brett’s name. He understands Brett has been through some sort of abuse, and he tries to get Brett the proper help. Troy also attempts to understand Brett by studying his damaged psyche.
    • He is put in a situation that results in him gaining insight into Brett’s personal life, and what Brett has to put up with from his family.
    • Troy gets to see that crazy firsthand: he sees with his own eyes how Brett's parents treat him so terribly.
    • Troy is sensitive and usually very honest and expressive with his emotions, always attempting to open the door for healthy communication, while Brett is expressly shown bottling things up and slapping on forced smiles. Troy teaches Brett to open up and stop repressing his negative emotions.
    • Troy, as of his senior year, is lost and confused, and was never allowed to figure out who or what he wants to be. However, he would have no issue bolstering Brett's self-esteem.
    • Troy always respected and admired Brett's achievements in isolation — not as an afterthought. It must have meant a lot to Brett, and the two would have a strong friendship.