That's called ACTING. You should try it sometime.

Tiara Gold is a foreign-exchange student from London who goes to East High where she meets Sharpay Evans. Though Tiara puts forth the image of a "sweet girl", she is actually a manipulator who uses people to maintain her image.

Tiara asks Sharpay if she could be her assistant (after Sharpay put posters everywhere). Tiara proves to be hard-working by memorizing Sharpay's entire class schedule, and organizing her books for her. Sharpay hires her, and tells her to throw away all of her orange clothes to prevent clashing outfits.

She shows interest in musical theater but initially tries not to upstage Sharpay. Later on in the series, she is made Sharpay's understudy. Jimmie, who is chosen as Troy Bolton's understudy hits on her. Tiara coldly declines.

Personality and Traits

Tiara Gold first appears to be good or at least sympathic to the spoiled, rich antagonist (and thus to the audience) until her true natures are revealed. In some cases, to add suspense, Tiara makes the audience know that she is sweet and loyal. She goes further than a master manipulator or orator, at times going further than a liar. With her ability to hold sway over others she doesn't only make people believe in her causes, she actually get others to trust her, or even like her. She is actually cold-hearted but still have good manners and style. Tiara fakes friendships, and sometimes love, to get what she wants. She is also well-known for being capable of rounding up a great deal of followers due to her charisma.

Tiara is a cunning, and somewhat of a narcissistic girl, with a cultured demeanor and a wry, cynical wit. However, even with her evil and deceiving ways, She is filled with hate and disgust for her friends and most likely everybody against her. She does not care much about anyone and seems to view them more as pawns to use for her own benefit. Her most powerful trait is quite possibly her vast intelligence and incredible ability to lie, dissemble and manipulate. She's proven to be quick thinking, resourceful and extremely diligent, being able to fool the entire town without fail, only to increase throughout her success.