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Ryan Evans is the very fashionable fraternal twin of Sharpay. He is chosen by Julliard School to take scholarship because of his choreography in the Senior Year Spring Musical.

There is no definite proof of Ryan's sexuality, however his flamboyant fashion choices, incredible dancing capabilities, and his interesting interactive showdown with Troy Bolton's best friend Chad Danforth in "I Don't Dance," seem to point to Ryan being of homosexual nature. It is to be noted that, while he is said to have a "crush" on Gabriella Montez, but noticeably reacts in the manner of a school girl whenever Troy enters the vicinity. During his Senior Year, Ryan is seen wearing more obviously flamboyant clothing than in the other two years. When everyone is hugging during "Just Wanna Be With You", Troy and Ryan twirl each other around, possibly imitating their rehearsal. His relationship with Kelsi Nielson is rumored to be an example of him being heterosexual. Interestingly enough, after asking her to prom, he never speaks to her again. And while at Troy's party, he and the basketball star trade lines of a flirtatious nature, sharing several more scenes that implicate things...

But the relationship between Ryan and Kelsi started from the first episode and cycled through all three. He thinks of course they would go to prom together and he still doesn’t think that that makes him gay or straight or anything. He needs someone to be a couple with.

After definitely taking notice of Ryan's flamboyancy, in the end, whether Ryan is straight or not is left up to the viewer's interpretation. However, Ryan could also be metrosexual.

Ryan’s dedication to theatre is not out of self-righteous glory (Sharpay) or a desire to fulfill his own fleeting interests (Troy), but rather to uphold a legacy. Ryan’s argument for why he and Sharpay deserve to be the leads in Season 1 and for them to perform together in Pilot is because it’s what they’ve done for years and years. It’s upholding a tradition. In Ryan’s own way, he is serving the Wildcats not through upholding a sporting spirit, but through preserving the greatness and glory of the East High theater department. Why else would he be so passionate about keeping the most talented theater actors in the lead roles (whom he believes are himself and his sister), and yet so easily supportive of overthrowing his sister once he forges a bond with the other Wildcats in Season 1? It is because Ryan realizes that Sharpay is not serving the Wildcat legacy, only her own. It is for this reason that Ryan is considered a valid vessel for the ball, and possibly why he and Chad have so much chemistry.

Personality and Traits

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At first, Ryan Evans is a stereotypical in-the-closet gay kid at East High. In fact, most of Ryan's behavior seems to be because of the social order of the school and the opinions of others, rather than anything he was raised believing at home as his father in fact seems to behave completely different, showing an understanding and enlightened opinion of homosexuality.