Ricky is a cynical but charming student at East High. He has been dating fellow junior Nini for a year. When she unexpectedly breaks up with Ricky, he launches a bold plan to get Nini back — by auditioning to star opposite her in the school's production.

Ricky's class-clowning covers a deep fear that he's not actually great at anything, except coasting by his charm and charisma. Constantly attempting get-rich-quick schemes with best friend and fellow skater Big Red. He stays up too late bingeing GoPro stunt videos on YouTube.

Physical Appearance


Personality and Traits

Ricky is cynical, witty, polite, motivated, cheerful, civically minded and brave to a fault. He will fight to the bitter end to foil the plans of bullies. Ricky’s standout personality trait is his general enthusiasm and upbeat attitude. He is East High's class clown and perennial prankster. Ricky loves to be the center of attention, and often dances in front of the others. He is a charming guy who’s never had trouble with the one-liner, nor lacked confidence around girls. Ricky is so cool and confident that came running to our boy when he didn’t know what to do about his feelings.

Ricky is a fun-loving, charismatic young man. He is funny; always up for a good joke. He is confident and powerful to the point he could take on bullies solo if and when he got separated from his friends. Ricky is very snarky and cynical enough to be a bully but chooses not to be.