Don't you think now is the time to be adventurous? While we're still young?

Connor Stevens is a student at East High. He is an outspoken straight ally for LGBT rights and equality. In addition, alongside Troy Bolton, he is an advocate against bullying, encouraging youngsters to embrace their differences and lending his support to East High's anti-bullying program.

Personality and Traits

Confident, charming, and caring, Connor Stevens is driven by his selflessness and empathy, especially when it comes to others. Connor is a brave, spirited natural leader, and is willing to risk his life to save friends, family, strangers, and sometimes even enemies. He has a laid-back demeanor, and has earned the trust and respect of Brett Shimura. Connor remains true and never goes back on his word. However, he is definitely not perfect. Connor feels responsible for everyone and anything that goes wrong. His most widely known traits are his wholesomeness and charisma.

In contrast to this, Connor is also rather mischievous; a scrappy, free-spirited rebel with a head full of curiosity, optimism and slight arrogance. He has a habit of finding himself in a wide array of self-inflicted trouble — sometimes comical, sometimes highly consequential.