I just want you to know that I was in a bad place before I started high school, and you helped me. You made me not feel alone. Because right now, I am eternally grateful. This is happening. I am here and I am alive. And in this moment I swear, I am infinite.

Brett Shimura is the new homosexual kid at East High who transferred to Albuquerque from California. Feeling alone in his family, Brett longs for someone he can talk to, someone who can understand and help him through the bumps in life. Brett doesn't expect this person will be East High’s “Golden Boy” Troy Bolton, but once they become friends, there is no stopping the transformative power of their friendship.

Season 1 is told through Brett’s eyes, though not in his voice, and thus we are given a deeper glimpse at his soul and motivations than those of anyone else in the series. Brett sees himself as a very socially awkward boy. He is unable to identify those characteristics that distinguish him from the rest of the characters because he is constantly in conflict with the various facets of his life. He has several distinct roles that those around him expect him to play. His family completely loathe him, and his own personality often seems to be less important to them than his ability to get attention for feeling loved. Brett tried to be himself at all times, but it was more difficult since Bobby Hatchery relentlessly bullied him when all he wanted was just to fit in. Whatever confidence he lacked in social settings, however, Brett was more than what he made up for it on his façade. Amid all this, the only thing Brett can grasp that fulfills his expected responsibilities from all these people and which fulfills him personally is isolating himself, and he seizes on this fanatically. This, he feels, will free him from what he feels to be his curse of ordinariness, and will make him into a person that both he and everyone else can accept.

However, when Troy Bolton comes along, we are allowed to see the true Brett shining through the poorly constructed mask of conformity. Troy nurtures Brett to become more himself through encouragement and a gift of awesomeness. However, the importance of this talent pales beside the personal qualities Brett is finally allowing himself to acknowledge. He has the sensitivity and kindness that would probably be at odds with the "socially awkward loner" image almost everyone seems to see him as. Through his friendship with Troy, Brett truly manages to find himself. But with Troy in his life, Brett seems to have enough permission to want to be himself and to stand up for himself. As Brett's new friend, Troy yearned to reach out and capture the quivering life about Brett but when he tried, it slipped past his fingertips, leaving Brett depressed. Troy is the one who helps Brett see "the awesomeness in himself". With Troy in his life, Brett is able to start to shape a more confident version of himself, beyond his parents' expectations. Obviously Brett's friendship with Troy alters him tremendously. Brett never minded that he was just content with watching his group of friends, and listening to them, and being with them. He has crush on Troy, and was on a first name basis with his English teacher. Brett was such a good kid. He did good in school, and cared about his small group of friends. For being a mere freshman in East High, Troy really teaches Brett to be more courageous, more imaginative, and more awesome. Because he has Troy in his life, Brett can exercise his generosity and become more fully himself, despite his parents' disapproval and judgement. His friendship with Troy makes up for the things that are lacking in his family life, and, just as Troy would be alienated without him, Brett would be "lonesome" without him. He's able to be Troy's one whole friend in the world as Troy is his. When Brett tells Troy that he isn't loved by anyone, it might not be with any real intent, but the pain Brett is feeling is very real.

There is some definite proof of Brett's sexuality, his charming and flirtatious interactive showdown with Troy since the Pilot, seem to point to Brett being of homosexual nature. He is scared because it's the first time someone really wants to defend him and accepts him as who he is. Brett was attracted to boys in the past, but doesn't come to terms with his sexuality until Troy. Basically, he wants to be involved with boys, and doesn't want to get left out or replaced, but doesn't know how to deal with it. But he is not simply dependent on Troy for this newfound sense of self; when Troy graduates at the end of the series, he eventually finds that he can carry on and continue in the path of personal growth Troy has helped him to find. While the jocks (including even Chad at some points in the first season) tend to treat him kind of badly, his loner status is also helped by his assumption that they would that kept him away. This probably has to do with Brett's sexuality and his divine parentage making him feel like an outcast in every possible way. Troy and Charlie Lerman were the first to put their foot down and make it clear that they would be happy to have him around.

In the first season, Brett reveals his personal problems to Troy — however, in Season 2, Brett reveals more to Charlie. Because of his reserved, anti-social, secretive personality, Brett puts up several walls, some of which he is forced to tear down over the course of the series.

Brett provides the conflict for the drama part of the story. His transition to East High from Pilot will cause a ripple effect amidst being the main storyline and will be a major plot-point all throughout the show. Brett has the most influence over the plot, the setting of the story and even the life of the protagonists; most often one of the primary antagonists. He has the biggest role all over the story and without him there would be no story to begin with. 

Physical Appearance

Brett Shimura is an attractive young boy of medium height, around 5'4" tall. He has large and widely-spaced dark chocolate brown eyes, black hair — styled neatly and combed well, but sometimes messy. His lips are full. He wears glasses, and has olive skin.

Brett dresses in stylish clothing; he tends to wear earth colors and conventional attire. He could benefit by putting a little flair in his dress, wear more uplifting colors, with black or blue jeans or shorts which show off his slender figure. He wears minimal pieces of jewelry, two rings on his right hand. Sometimes, Brett wears grungy-looking flannel shirts with edgy shirts, and a pair of black jeans.

Personality and Traits

But now I hope you understand. My world was collapsing. I needed someone. I needed any hope that someone might have offered. And you? You took that hope away. You decided I didn't deserve to have anyone.

Being raised in toxicity and emotional abuse, Brett Shimura declared himself to remain angelic, kind-hearted and self-loving. However, he makes the most of his misfortunes by remaining pessimistic of the possibilities of a brighter future, keeping himself preoccupied with enforced housework, but found himself trapped over the years by his parents abusive nature. Brett's mental health issues add depth, not drama, to the story. It's evident that years of abuse and lack of parental love, the dysfunction that exists in his family, and the unexpected death of his brother on whom he was co-dependent caused Brett's mental well-being to tail-spin and spiral out of control. He tries to put on a facade and make it appear as if he is okay, but underneath it all is a very emotionally damaged person. Brett is clearly an emotional mess but this is understandable considering that type of family that he comes from. After his brother’s death, Brett completely lost it and never recovered emotionally. Add onto the fact that he doesn't really have any friends or supporters, and its understandable why Brett is so messed up.

By taking the time to embrace Brett's mental health problems doesn't put it front and center — Season 1 helps normalizes a topic that's normally considered taboo, especially among teens, due to the stigma surrounding it. Brett’s behavior throughout the series is to watch someone acting out beyond the bounds of general angst. He lashes out in response to things that highlight and deepen his unhappiness. What Brett’s journey does is let the audience know that falling into the abyss of those feelings is a valid experience that needs to be talked about openly and honestly. In the end, that is how Brett recovers and how many like his forge ahead every day. After all of the traumatic events that he's gone through Season 1 and into Season 2 especially with his parents being emotionally and physically abusive, Brett shows signs and symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Brett's main struggle throughout Season 1 is to discover his true identity when faced with the strict demands of his family and society in general. The push is for him to conform — to embrace his sexuality and general awesomeness and love himself, instead on those pursuits that are either more "depressing" or which will be more practically useful to his family. However, it's Brett misfortune, he feels trapped and useless, finding running to be the only safe outlet for his own talents and inclinations.

In gratitude, Troy Bolton would become a loyal companion to Brett, providing him with the company and serving as a diligent helper when something troubling occurs. Brett as most people will tell you is very sweet and very nice. He seems to be the kind of boy everyone can trust. Well as much as you can trust him, he is very scared to trust back. He has been hurt in the past where he is constantly shy and scared. He can't help it thats just how he was in the beginning. After bonding with Troy and Gabriella Montez, Brett worked his hardest with them and therefore he was able to start opening up with them. Troy was the first who brought Brett out of his shell of being shy. He encouraged Brett to smile more. He encouraged Brett to be himself. Troy encouraged Brett to do the best that he could and not worry about the consquences. Because of Troy, Brett is taking chances. The devotion of Troy would ultimately play a crucial role in Brett escaping his abusive household, thus furthering the example of how Brett's evergreen kindness towards others, despite his situation, would ultimately lead to his uprising. Brett appears to be an awkward guy who has numerous self-esteem issues, from doubt in his sexuality to thinking he "isn't good enough" for anyone. These insecurities make him susceptible to someone for comfort. Plus, it's clear that Brett is a complete emotional mess who has no clue on what he wants in life. He is terrible at lying as it goes against his good-hearted and noble character. Once you get past his shy nature, Brett is incredibly likable, endearing, calm, down-to-earth, mellow, charismatic and adorably dorky at times (especially in his interactions with Troy). His kind, caring, good-hearted and endearing personality make it highly easy to root for him to succeed. Brett is a nice guy who's friendly and caring to everyone... with the exception of those that he considers to be his arch-nemesis, such as Bobby Hatchery. Charming, magnetic and kind-hearted, Brett attracts people with ease, especially Troy in the Pilot. As one of the only in-the-closet boys at East High, he tries his best to keep strong, a trait that his new friends value in him. However, having not many friends at school who he can completely talk to about being gay, he is often seen as a very lonely individual. This loneliness has at times caused his romantic interest in certain boys to become a bit unsettling, as seen during the course of his crush with Troy. When Brett develops a crush he seems to fall hard, as shown with Troy in the series.

Brett seems to finally have opened completely about his feelings and thoughts. He is not afraid to say what he thinks, developing a much more kind, caring and carefree personality, to the point that he is now considered to be proud of who he is. Brett has gained enough strength and sense of self-worth through his friendship with Troy to carry on without him and not lose touch with all Troy has taught him. Brett is a different person after Troy, and it is apparent that he will be more successful in his world because of Troy. He sees Troy as “his other, more exciting self”. Brett has become much more bold and open about his feelings.

Role in Series


The brick building had an overwhelmingly dusty grey hue, but there was red and white text centered above the doors spelling East High School. A stone fountain with an 'E' engraved on it stood in the middle of a concrete walkway whose slabs reached from the street to the row of doors. Positioned directly above them was a massive clock over-looking the courtyard from the third story. Brett Shimura hesitated approaching the intimidating structure, but his mother locked her arm in his and wouldn't leave him behind. They glanced around the entrance to the locker-lined hallways and staircases, unsure of where to go. "There!" his mother pointed to a support pillar with a sign directing them to the main office. She set off down the proper hallway, but Brett lazily let his feet drag. He sheepishly glanced at the lockers to the right of him, intimidated by them somehow. "Pick up your feet, Brett!" She demanded, irritated by the admittedly annoying squeaks of Brett’s shoes dragging across the tile floor. "Welcome to East High. Home of the Wildcats! I'm Miss Sawyer. How may I help you?" said a blonde woman with lots of enthusiasm. "Hi. My name is Brett Shimura. I, um, just transferred here and it's my first day." Brett said with a tiny smile. "Oh yes! Brett! You've been the talk of our school recently! You'll be an amazing asset to our school population! Here's your schedule and if you need anything, feel free to come by the front office or the counseling center down the hall at anytime! You've only missed about a week of school so you shouldn't be too far behind! Have a great day!" She said while handing Brett his schedule and locker number. His mother walked away. Brett studied the map as he made his way down the hallway, looking at his surroundings. He slowly looked back down at the map. Brett's body rammed into a body. Whoever that person was, their hands reflexively closed around Brett to keep him from falling. But, it was a moment too late and they tumbled to the ground together. The boy’s fair skin sparkled beneath the florescent lighting. His light-chestnut color, but also had hints of a sandy-brown hidden within its depths of hair fell over the fronts of his matching brows. His white simple t-shirt was laying on his torso beneath a crimson colored varsity jacket with the letters "EHS" over his stone chest. His perfectly carved face held a sexy smile. His beauty is intimidating to Brett — from his deep curulean eyes to his muscular chest. The boy’s eyes locked on Brett’s. Brett felt his oxygen decrease while staring at him. He watched the gorgeous boy for a second — unable to restrain his eyes. Immediately, he bent down to help. "Oh my God, I am so sorry. Are you alright?" The charming jock asked in a concern tone. He cracked a smile once the chocolate brown-eyed, skinny Japanese boy nodded that he was alright. The blue-eyed jock turned to help the Asian boy up. He extended his hands out. "Can I help you up?" he asked. "I'm fine. Thank you though." Brett shook his head as he tried to get up gracefully. The jock smiled. When Troy came back upright he studied the little, shy Asian for a few moments as if he was trying to read his mind. "Are you sure you’re alright?" Troy asked kindly, handing the boy back his books. "Yeah. Thanks again." he responded softly, pushing up his glasses. "You're very welcome." Troy smiled warmly. "I— I should probably... go. I have to find my class." the skinny boy whispered before he started to turn to continue walking down the hallway. "Wait." Troy said, causing the Asian to turn around. He came to the realization that he had never seen this person before. "I don't recognize you. Are you new here?" Troy asked. The Asian nodded. "Well then, I should introduce myself, shouldn't I? Troy Bolton." he said holding out his hand, smiling. "What's your name?" Troy asked politely. "Brett. Like Brett Favre." he replied nervously. "Brett, I am pleased to meet you." Troy said gleefully. "I— I'm new to the area. Just moved into town this week." Brett said sheepishly. "Well in that case, let me be the first to welcome you to not only Albuquerque, but to East High! All around good-guy Troy Bolton. Would the nice young new student like you like me to lead him to his first class of the day?" Troy asked voluntarily. Brett nodded shyly. "Come on, Hoops! It's time to get to class. Come on man." a light brown-skinned boy with a curly-haired afro hollered. "I think I am just fine thank you very much, Chad! I'm just gonna talk to Brett here for a little longer." He shot Chad a look that said 'don't start'. Chad and Zeke nodded and walked into Homeroom. Brett had looked back down at his map and was studying it again. "Well, unfortunately I can’t show you your class. But... It was a pleasure meeting you, Brett. I’ll see you around." Troy smiled proudly. Brett looked up at him helplessly, but smiled and walked away. The warning bell for Homeroom rang through out East High and the few people that were still left in the hallways quickly disappeared into various classes.

Later that day, another bell rang loudly through the school. Brett had just finished his advanced chemistry class and was now gathering up his books. Just as his placed his backpack strap over his shoulder, the African American girl sitting next to him turned to Brett. "Welcome to East High. What was your name again?" Taylor asked. "Brett Shimura. And thank you." Brett answered. He admired Taylor's confidence. "I'm Taylor McKessie. Are you new here? I don't recognize you." Taylor said. "Yeah, I just moved from California just this week." Brett explained. "Well, I hope you like Albuquerque so far. East High has a fantastic academic record, if that's what you're into." Taylor said. "Um... actually, I'm kinda slow-witted, so academics are not really my chance of, um, surviving High School." Brett said sheepishly. "I know what you mean. You’re not stupid, Brett. People think and learn differently. No one is stupid, you know?" Taylor explained. Brett nodded, understandingly.

"Brett!" Troy called out, jogging towards Brett. "Oh, hey Troy. Where are you going next?" Brett asked. "The gym. I've got basketball practice." Troy replied. "Basketball?" Brett said. Troy nodded. "I'm the Captain of the East High Wildcats." He replied, blushing. Brett froze. "Wow! Captain?" He said. "Yeah, why? What's wrong?" Troy asked when Brett stopped walking. "I... I can't go in there." Brett said. "Why not?" Troy asked. "N... never mind." Brett stuttered as he started to breathe heavy. Troy led him to the gym. Troy walked in and turned to Brett. As much as Brett didn't want him to, Troy’s charm caused Brett to look up. Suddenly, Brett’s eye was caught by one person. His group of followers were pointing and laughing by the door. "Freak's got a friend." Brett heard Bobby say. Brett felt Troy's hand on his back, gently leading Brett out of the gym. Turning the corner, they stopped at the bathrooms. Brett looked up at Troy and he smiled. "Go get dressed, Wildcat. I'll be right here when you're done." Troy assured. Brett nodded and watched him walk into the boy's bathroom before he walked into the locker-room. Not wanting to keep him waiting, Brett tried his best to hurry. He slipped on shorts and a Wildcat t-shirt and stuffed his clothes in his locker. Sure enough, Troy was right where he said he would be. He was changed too. He walked with Brett, while Brett was worried about making a fool out of himself. They walked inside the gym, sauntering across the basketball court. After taking a basketball that Troy was handing Brett, they walked onto the basketball court. The Wildcats stopped and stared at Brett. Troy never once acknowledged them; he kept his eyes on Brett. Brett missed every single shot, but never once did Troy seem upset. He gave Brett pointers as they went along including how to hold the basketball, and how to shoot. Out of the corner of his eye, Brett saw the jocks making fun of him, mimicking him missing the hoop. Beginning to play again, Brett tried his best to use everything that Troy has been teaching him, but something stopped him. The jocks were throwing basketballs at Brett, trying to get his attention. Tears came to his eyes as Brett held his arm with his other hand. Looking up at Troy, Brett watched as he marched over to Bobby next to them. Brett could tell by Troy’s face that he was furious. "If any of you pull a move like that again, then you're off the team. Behave yourselves, there is a new Wildcat in your presence." His lips moved fast as he grabbed Bobby by the shirt. "And if you ever lay a hand on Brett what-so-ever, or throw anything at him again, well, let's just say watch out." His lips moved a lot slower now. Brett wiped the tear falling from his face right before Troy started walking over. Ever so gently, Troy half-smiled. "Thank you." Brett mouthed to him. "For what? I didn't do anything." Troy chuckled light-hearted. "You stood up for me, something I can never do." Brett quietly chuckled. He waited patently for a response. As Brett waited, he noticed Troy’s anger slipping away. His face was no longer red. "Just wait Brett. I'll get you to talk. Soon you will stand up for yourself and show those guys what you're made of. I know you can do it and if it takes all year, then so be it. I'm determined. You're not getting rid of me that easily." Troy winked charmingly. At those words, Brett knew he would have nothing to worry about. Troy grabbed his arm, and they walked off the court. "Go get changed, and meet me out here." Troy said calmly and nodded at Brett. A little while later, he watched as Brett slowly walked out of the locker-room. Looking around him, Troy noticed that his teammates stared at him. He would make sure that today at practice, they would regret it. Grabbing Brett’s arm gently, Troy turned him around. he held up his pointer finger, signaling for Brett to wait a minute. "I can't come with you to lunch, because I have to punish these bullies, but I do plan to sit with you. That is if your willing to wait on the bleachers and watch as I torture my team." Troy chuckled. The frown on Brett’s face changed to a smile once he got it. Before he knew it, Brett was in his arms, hugging him. Troy wrapped his arms around Brett’s tiny frame, and hugged him back. Brett let go and headed out the gym.

Approaching the cafeteria one hour later, Brett felt a sudden rush of anxiety. It had been a tough morning. He was terrified at the prospect of what will happen, that he was going to get bullied. Brett strutted into the cafeteria, head held high, determined to maintain the composure. Scanning the various cliques sat at the round red tables, Brett searched for a boy with floppy chestnut-brown hair. He searched for the smile that shined brighter than a thousand stars. Much to his dismay, it appeared Troy was nowhere to be seen. Disappointed, Brett took a seat on the outskirts of the room, pulling a small Tupperware lunchbox containing three Ritz crackers from his backpack. Popping one in his mouth, he bit into it. "Hey!" a voice said a little loud so Brett could hear him through the chattering and laughing of everyone else. Brett looked up a little alarmed and then sighed in relief. "You can come sit with us at lunch, Brett. You don't need to be alone." Troy smiled warmly. "I... I want to be on my own." Brett mumbled. "Well too bad." Troy smiled and sat next to him. Brett didn't say anything, just stared at the floor. "So must be scary being the new kid." Troy grinned. "A little..." Brett replied, trailing off. "That why you're quiet? Or... is there something else?" Troy asked. "I—" Brett said, but abruptly stopped. "It's okay if you don't want to talk about it. I'd understand, I mean we hardly know each other." Troy smiled. Brett nodded. "But I think you could sit with a friend, and you've got a group of people waiting to be your friend at this place." Troy said friendly. Brett didn't say anything, just started to chew his lip nervously. "But if you don't want to go, you've got a friend here wanting to sit with you." Troy smiled warmly. "You do?" Brett asked. "Of course, Wildcat. So, tell me about yourself." Troy grinned. "Like what?" Brett asked shyly, no one had ever asked him that before. "I don't know. So are you into anything?" Troy chuckled. "Nothing special, I guess... Just... Being by myself has always been my escape." Brett smirked awkwardly. "Escape?" Troy asked. "From being a disappointment mostly. I got bullied a lot in school, especially in middle school. People think I’m stupid because I can't understand things properly. I... I have a learning disability." Brett smiled falsely — hurt in his eyes, but Troy could also see the pain. "I’m so sorry, Brett. But if you get bullied here, you got me to back you up. No one bullies friends of Troy Bolton, basketball legend." Troy grinned, causing Brett to smile a little more brightly. They sat in comfortable silence and Troy couldn't help but enjoy it. For a while, they spoke about the music they both liked, then moved on to television and films. "So, what are you doing tonight?" Troy asked casually. "Nothing, why?" Brett asked. "Well we normally hang out after school, and I mean if you wanted you could come." Troy offered him a smile. "I'm not sure yet. I'll... I'll have to ask my parents." Brett said. "Okay, well you got a phone?" Troy’s asked. Brett nodded and pulled out his phone and Troy took it and punched his number into it, and then handed Brett his phone who did the same. "I'll text you later or call or whatever and see if you want to come." Troy smiled. "Thanks. You didn't have to do any of this today." Brett blushed. "Any of what?" Troy smiled. "Be nice to me." Brett sighed. "It's no big deal, you're my friend now and I guess everyone's new once, can't be easy." Troy said. "No, it's not." Brett admitted. "Well... I can't promise it's going to get easier but you know won’t get harder cause like I've said a dozen times now you've got me as a friend." Troy smiled proudly. "And no one messes with Troy Bolton, basketball legend." Brett laughed, but instantly stopped laughing and shields away from him. "Yes, no one messes with the basketball legend." Troy confirmed. In the distance Troy heard the warning bell, he hadn't realized that they had been talking all lunch time. "Come on I'll show you to your class." Troy chuckled. "I'm not in your class, am I?" Brett asked softly. "No, sadly." Troy said. "Oh..." Brett mumbled. "How about you wait for me after your lesson and then I'll show you to your next class?" Troy asked he could tell that there was something going on with Ryan that he didn't want anyone to know about, and maybe Troy wasn't going to push straight away but it didn't mean that he wasn't going to be there to help him. "You wont mind?" Brett asked nervously. "Not at all. Come on." Troy smiled. They casually walked up the stairs, and down the hall.

After a comfortable lunch with Troy, Troy and Brett continued walking down the hallw. "I'll meet you at your locker?" Troy asked. "Sure." Brett replied, nodding. Troy smiled at him, which caused Brett to smile. Troy walked towards his locker but not before he turned around to give Brett a wink. Brett giggled as he walked over to his locker. He was at his locker taking out the books he needed and placing his jacket in his locker. He looked over at the boys who were standing with Troy. It looked like they were talking about him which caused Brett to raise his eyebrow but then smiled when Troy looked over to give him a smile of reassurance. Brett looked back into his locker. Brett’s face showed complete tension, when Bobby approached him. "Hey, new kid! I just wanted to personally welcome you to East High." Bobby said. He grabbed Brett by his collar and threw him down to the ground. "What the hell?!" Brett screamed in shock. "Oh, yeah. Sorry." Bobby said. He picked Brett up by the throat and then glared into his eyes. "Go kill yourself, Four Eyes." He let go of Brett and he fell to the floor, hyperventilating. Bobby raised up his fist and Brett prepared for the worst, but it never came. “Hatchery... you little punk!” a voice yelled as the person approached Bobby, which took his attention off Brett. Bobby turned to look at person. He then shot the person a glance. “Well, well, well... look who it is. Troy Bolton. Are you really here to fight me over Fag Boy?” Bobby provoked, as he pointed to a weak Brett who groaned as he rolled onto his left side. Troy clenched his fists together. “Don't talk about Brett like that!” Troy warned. “Or you'll do what? Beat me up? Ha! I'd like to see you try.” Bobby daunted. “Watch me.” Troy hissed. “What's the matter, Hatchery? Not used to being bossed around?” Troy asked in a taunting tone of voice. Bobby glared at Troy as he struggled to get off the ground. “You know what, Bolton? Fuck you! Go ahead and take your little boyfriend, he didn't want to do anything with me anyway!” Bobby howled as he scrambled off the ground and he walked past Troy and into the school. Troy was about to run after him, but then he heard a low sob of dismay come from behind him, which was from Brett. “Brett, are you okay? Did that foul monster say something to you, ‘cause whatever it w...” Troy declared but was cut off. "Nothing happened, Troy." Brett whispered, trying to keep his voice as steady as possible. "Look Brett—" Troy said. "Just save it. It doesn't matter." Brett turned to walk away but Troy grabbed his arm and turned him back around to face him. "It matters to me, and I know it matters to you... Please just tell me." Troy pleaded. Brett pulled roughly away from Troy. "I don’t know what you’re talking about." Brett said firmly. "Please, Brett, please listen to me. I just couldn't—" Troy exclaimed. "Oh I know what you're going to say. You couldn't just let everybody know that you are friends with the new School Fag... Is that what you want to tell me?" Brett barked angrily. Troy looked down at his feet, not knowing what to say. "I'm tired, I just wish I could go to sleep and never wake up..." Brett said with his eyes watery. Troy had never felt as if words could hurt so much and yet as he stood there listening; he knew words were the cause of all this pain. "I can’t live like this anymore." Brett's voice was soft now, strained even. "Brett, I care about you, perhaps more than Chad, who I've known my entire life." Troy assured. Brett stood there in silence and for a moment. "Does this make you think I’m pathetic all of a sudden?" Brett said bluntly. “Shh. You're not pathetic, Brett, but we're gonna put a stop to all these bad thoughts right now, okay? Everyone is so excited for you to come to school – they aren't concerned about anything except making sure that you have the best year possible. And yeah – I don't know what it's like to be you. But not how you think: you are strong. You're stronger for what you are dealing with and how you're dealing with it. So I don't wanna hear you putting yourself down again, all right? Brett, you have so many people that love you. That's who is important. Anyone who says anything to hurt you is not worth your time. Plus, if they do, they'll have me to deal with. Honestly, I don't care if you’re the new kid on the block. Everyone is new somewhere sometime in their life. I have never judged anyone, and I never will.” Troy said, winking and grinned at him, a smile which Brett returned. Then Troy's brows furrowed. "What's wrong, Brett?" Troy asked in concern. Brett shook his head again. "It's just... I've only known you for less than twenty-four hours, and now you are standing here in front of me..." Brett sighed. Troy looked at him in confusion. "Yeah, I want to get to know more about you, Brett. And you sigh because?" Troy sighed. "It's just not normal!" Brett looked at Troy. "Well, I'm not a normal boy, you're not a normal boy, this is not a normal city, this world is not in the near of being normal, so the problem is?" Troy joked at Brett, and he smiled and just shook his head. "Why are you doing this?" Brett asked. Troy looked at him. "Brett, I can see, that your smiles are fake, your eyes are full of fear, pain and sadness... Brett, what's wrong?" Troy looked at him with a worried look, "Would you tell me?" Brett looked down. "Troy... I can't tell you." "Why not, Brett?" Troy looked at him still with the worried look. "Brett, it's okay, I'll be here... I don't want you to be hurting. All living things should be treated with respect." Troy smirked. "I thought I was over this. I just— I want someone to love me." Brett whispered in pain. "You accept that love that you thought you deserved." Troy murmured and reached out to touch Brett’s shoulder. "You deserve more than you think you do Brett. You're a kind, smart, funny, wonderful young man and someone out there is going to be very lucky to have you love them." Troy assured. Brett took a few moments to clear his throat out and backed away while drawing in long, shuddering breaths. "I'm so alone, Troy..." Brett finally muttered. "You’re not alone, Brett. Everything is going to be okay. I promise." Troy said in a reassuring tone. Brett groaned a little before looking away from him but then looked back at him. "Troy... H— How many times do I have to tell you that I'm fine." Brett chuckled nervously. "Until I see it in your eyes." Troy shook his head before looking in Brett’s eyes. "Remember, I can see anything through your eyes. I live through your eyes now and if I don't see what I want to see in your eyes, I know something is wrong with you especially after what just happened. Brett, you need to let people know how you really feel and that you need help to really get over what happened. You have me, Gabriella, Taylor, Chad, Kelsi, the guys, my parents, and did I mention moi?" Troy said. Brett stiffed a laugh. "It’s true, Wildcat. You’re becoming a different person. That’s why you came to Albuquerque. To be that new and improved person. Because from what I’ve seen within less than twenty-four hours, he is gonna be an extraordinary young man. And I know you don't wanna talk about anything, but... I need to know. I want to protect you. But, I can't do that if I don't know who's hurting you... Things will get better. If you tell me, I can protect you... But, I need you to promise me something. I need you to promise to call me — anytime, day or night — whenever you need me." Troy replied solemnly. Nobody had ever promised something like that to Brett before. Nobody had ever said they'd stand by him. Nobody had ever really cared about him that much. But suddenly, Brett felt as if he had someone who really wanted to look out for him, to make him happy. And that person was who went by the name of Troy Bolton. "Listen, Troy... I just— I just want to thank you for caring about me." Brett said. Troy smiled softly. "Well, more people should say that. You're an awesome friend, no matter what people like Bobby tell you, don't listen to a word they say because it's all lies... Never let them make you feel bad about yourself. You are an amazing human being who I am proud to call my friend.” This causes Brett to smile. “Thank you, Troy... Up until today, I had always just thought that I was worthless. That I wasn't worth anyone's time... Or love...” Brett half-smiled. “You are definitely worth people's time and love... Just because they tell you otherwise, doesn't make it true... Okay?” Troy said wisely. Brett nodded his head.

It was 9:00. Dread began to pour over him like an icy mist as he realized how late he was. His parents were going to murder him! He quickly got up, ignoring the pain in his stomach, and rushed out of the building. Outside it was almost pitch black. Silently cursing himself, Brett threw his gym bag over his shoulder and took off into the silent streets of Albuquerque. Still he kept running until he finally turned into his neighborhood. Even as far down he was from his house still, he saw his parents' car in the driveway. Terror completely filled him as he got closer to his house knowing he was in for hell the moment he stepped through the door. The lights were off and the living room was empty. When he was fully inside the house and saw no one was around, he let out a sigh of relief. That was until he heard the door slam behind him. Tremors traveled throughout Brett’s body as he turned to see his parents standing on either side of the door and his eyes widened when the lights came on and he saw the belt in his father's hand. "So, why the hell are you just now getting home?" Cornelius said as he glared at his petrified son. Brett just stood there, feeling like a small child. "I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!" his voiced boomed causing Brett to flinch. "I— I'm sorry, Dad. I— I had studying to do a— and I fell alseep." Even as he finished the sentence he knew he was in for it. His father looked like a lion stalking its prey and his mother's cold expression was no better. Brett backed up instantly as his father began to slowly walk towards him. "P— Please don't." Brett begged as tears began to pour down his face as his father continued to come towards him. "Daddy please..." Brett said as he felt the wall behind and began to hyperventilate as he cornered. His father smiled as he had reduced Brett to nothing but a sad mess of trembling sobs before he even had his fun. "You come in late..." he said as he let the belt unravel. "You tell me a lie..." he spat as he raised the belt. "And then you BEG me?" he roared as the belt stayed above his head. "WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU MEN DON'T DO?" he shouted. Brett's eyes were filled with tears and by now he was shaking so bad, he could barely stand. "M— men d— don't c— cry.." he stuttered out. His father sneered at him. "That's right. And here is a reminder..." Cornelius said as he swung the belt at his son, slapping him across his face with it. Screams tore from the boy's throat as he clutched his face. He vaguely heard his dad command him to stand up. As he was struggling to do so, he felt the belt tear across his face agin, causing the wound to re-open. Brett felt the blood ooze down his cheek as his father told him to get upstairs. He moved as quickly as possible, almost tripping as he went. Behind him, heard his parents footsteps. As he entered his bedroom his father shoved him on the bed while his mother locked the door. As he tried to sit up, his father sunk his fist into Brett’s stomach, causing him to scream in pain as his already bruised ribs, suffered more abuse. "Shut the hell up!" Cornelius demanded as he grabbed a hold of his son's head and dragged him towards the headboard. As he held him down, Brett had tears streaming down his face as absolute horror surged through him. "Here's how it's going to work faggot..." his father said as he approached Brett, cracking his knuckles in the process. "You are going to punished now for coming home late and then you will learn the lesson the harsh way why men, especially Shimuras, do NOT cry." Cornelius snarled. With that he once again, sunk his fist into his son's stomach causing Brett to cry out as pain shot through his body. Brett could only gasp in pain. He shut his eyes tight. "Hey son, how about some fun before we go to bed?" his dad said in a sickly false excited voice. As Cornelius both took a step forward, Brett cowered to the edge of the headboard, trembling in fear.

At school, Brett began to aimlessly wander down the crowded halls of East High. Pulling his phone from his pocket, he opened it up onto Instagram, and scrolled through his never-ending feed, using it as an effective distraction against the people surrounding him. He bumped into a few people on the way out. He paid no attention as he pushed his way through the crowds of people. Feeling himself falling, he only realized what had happened when he felt a tight grip around his arm, and a firm hold pull him up. "Whoa, buddy are you– Brett? Are you okay?" a familiar male voice asked in genuine concern. Snapped out of his daze, Brett looked up into the ocean-blue eyes of Troy Bolton. "Brett?" Troy asked in concern. "What?" Brett replied sharply. Troy stood looking at Brett in stunned silence. "I don't do time-wasters, Golden Boy." Brett said, looking at Troy with a cold, dead glare. Troy looked blankly at Brett, but caught onto the meaning behind the Asian's words. "You think I was wasting your time?" Troy asked, shocked. "I just came here, and you came to save me — again, Troy!" Brett spat his name. "Whatever happened, I'm sorry." Troy said, genuinely; gently letting go of Brett's arm. "Class starts in five minutes." Troy chuckled. Feeling his resolve shatter, Brett found the ghost of a smile begin to form on his lips. "Yeah, I guess it is." Brett said apologetically. Troy blushed at the response, running his hand at the back of his head nervously. "Awww, that's cute Troy." Brett cooed, causing Troy to chuckle. He smiled gratefully at Brett for that. Troy's eyes stared at him with concern, making his conscience beg Brett to tell the truth. "I’m sorry, Troy. I just want you to..." Brett paused mid-sentence, taking a deep breath to try and regain his composure. He gulped, turning pale. "Brett, you know you don't have to hide your feelings, don't you? Bottling them up never ends well." Troy said, his voice calm and soothing. "Letting them out in the middle of a high school hallway also..." Brett murmured. "You're wrong, you know." Troy smiled playfully. "About what?" Brett asked, confused. "You‘re fearing that no one will be there for you. That's not true. Brett, I'll be here when nobody else will, okay? That's a promise." Troy assured. Brett gave Troy a shy smile, and the two walked down the hall in silence. “Just remember, you don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with. Trust your heart first and head second.” Troy said in a calm tone. “Okay.” Brett muttered. Troy sighed. “You okay, Brett?” he asked in a genuinely worried tone. Brett nodded. Troy half-smiled. “Can you look at me, please?” Troy asked in a soft-spoken tone. Brett looked at him hesitantly. Troy crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. Almost instantly, Brett snickered at Troy’s silly face. Troy used his thumbs to pull his lips out and then his pointer fingers to pull down his eyelids. Again Brett giggled. His squeezed his eyes shut and scrunched up his nose. To top it off, Troy lifted the tip of his nose and started to snort like a pig. Brett just chuckled. He looked up at Brett with a soft giggle. “Whenever you're ready to talk about something that’s bothering you, just let me know. I'll listen, Brett-sticks.” Troy responded with a charming smile. A blushed Brett nodded at him. “Hey, it's our favorite new kid.” Chad called out, smiling. Brett blushed, making Troy chuckle. “How are you today, cutie?” Taylor asked. “Are you okay, Brett?” Gabriella asked. “He's just having a rough morning, guys. Let’s give him some space.” Troy said gently. The gang nodded and they went to Homeroom. “Nothing is wrong, Troy.” Brett smoothingly reassured, but it was a lie. Troy sighed and squeezed his eyes shut. He opened his eyes and nodded. “Just tell me this: Are you really okay?” Troy asked in concern. “I’m fine. Really.” Brett whispered in a reassuring tone. “Okay, Wildcat. I just... I care about you. I'm super proud of the way you opened up to me yesterday after Bobby. You trusted me enough to tell me about yourself, and what you are going through. From what you’ve told me so far Brett, you took a huge step. I'm so proud of you. I know it doesn't seem like much, but you're doing amazing. You're slowly but surely healing.” Troy replied, smiling warmly. Brett nodded. “Now let’s be positive, Wildcat. Basketball practice is next.” Troy said. Brett nodded. “Gabriella would understand. She won’t be mad at you.” Troy insisted. “What about the others?” Brett whispered. Troy scoffed light-heartedly. “Yes, them too, buddy.“ Troy smiled proudly. Brett’s cheerful expression quickly demolished, and turned to deep sadness. "Troy... H— Have you ever wondered what... dying is like?" Brett asked. "Where'd that come from?" Troy let his head roll to the side to look at Brett. Brett continued to gaze towards the floor as Troy watched him. "Nowhere. Just thinking." Brett replied eventually. He rolled his head to come face-to-face with Troy. “Don’t say that, Brett. You are far too young. And I know it's hard to fathom sometimes, but you have to believe that there is always something positive that changes someone’s bad day, always. I might not have known you for as long as I wish I had, but it seems to me that in your short life, you taught so many people so much – about strength, hope, friendship, bravery... you are the epitome of a warrior. You're fighting a long, hard battle and your body is too tired to fight anymore, but keep on fighting. And you, Brett – you have so much living left to do. You're strong, you're brave... you're fierce! You have many years ahead of you, filled with dream after dream I have no doubt you will achieve. I also have no doubt that what you are going through will allow you to help others in the future. You're destined for big things, Brett, and I hope you know that I will be right there by your side through every goal that you reach, cheering you on and making sure everyone knows that that amazing guy right there... he's with me.” Troy said in a graceful tone. Brett began to blush more at that, because he'd never blushed in front of a guy before, and to him (like everything else about Troy) it was beautiful.

The next morning, Brett woke up smiling for the first time in a long time. Transferring to Albuquerque and being friends with Troy Bolton had been the escape he desperately needed, and the relief he felt following the way they had bonded was unbelievable. The way Troy had given Brett that pep-talk yesterday had given Brett something he hadn't had in a long time: love. It had been so long since he'd felt like there was someone out there who saw him as not only a person, but a worthwhile one, that the feeling of acceptance felt foreign. Befriending Troy Bolton had given Brett some of his fire back. Making his way down the stairs of his house, into the lounge, Brett paused in the doorway feeling his blood run cold. Sat there, on the sofa, was his mother. "Mother." Brett greeted bitterly. "Your father," Phyllis announced, "as it turns out, got fired from his job." Brett let out a light scoff at that. "Of course he did." Brett replied, his voice showing that the titbit of information his mother had just disclosed was not a surprise in the slightest. "But wait. You mean the business?" Brett asked boldly, raising his eyebrows with just the right amount of condescension. "Oh, Brett, don't be so gauche." Phyllis drawled, sending a glare at her son. "Well, I ought to head to school... wouldn't want to be late." Brett said, pursing his lips as he spoke. "Not with that pretty-boy lurking in the corridor. Honestly, I don't understand what that boy hope to achieve by introducing these... under-achievers, like my son... into that local school. Next thing you know, they'll be bringing their faggy acceptance up onto Albuquerque, and corrupting our children." Phyllis replied pointedly. Phyllis's eyes hovered over Brett as she drawled the word 'corrupting', and the emphasis she placed upon it told Brett that his mother knew everything, or at least some, of what Brett had been up to the day before. "Anyhow, you don't want to be late, Brett dear, so you best get going. Have a nice day." Phyllis drawled. And with that, Phyllis nodded, silently dismissing her son. Grabbing his backpack, Brett made his way over to the front door, completely unware that his mother was following him. "And Brett..." Phyllis drawled, causing Brett to freeze and turn to face her. "I was not aware your... standards... had sunk that low. Don't let me hear you have been associating with that Golden Boy ever again..." she snarled. "His name is Troy. And you, mother, will no longer determine who I will or will not be seen with." Brett replied. "Oh, Brett, I thought you had learnt your lesson the last time you behaved in a... deviant... manner." Phyllis chuckled dryly. "I will not let you intimidate me anymore, mother. I'm not deviant, or loveless – I'm sensational." Brett said in confidence. Phyllis scoffed at her son. "So that's what Prince Charming told you? I honestly thought that you, as a Shimura, were better than believing those kinds of lies. But then again, you have always been the family disappointment." Phyllis growled. "I'm going, mother." Brett said forcefully, turning away so his mother couldn't see the tears welling up in his eyes. "Beware the consequences, Brett. Every action has a consequence, and I know you will not like the consequence of affiliating with that... boy." Phyllis muttered ominously as Brett made his way down the driveway.


The Start of Something New

At home, Phyllis Shimura grabbed Brett by the arm and slammed him against the wall, a murderous expression in her cold, dark eyes. "Just remember who you are, you wretch!" Phyllis snarled. Brett's heart raced. His blood ran cold. His voice became that of a frightened child. “Yes.” Brett jumped as his mother ripped her hand from his arm, his entire body shaking. Phyllis stayed silent as her son spoke, stating over him with an angry scowl on her face. Brett's eyes went wide as his mother stood less than a foot away from him, his dark brown orbs quickly swelling with tears. Phyllis paces back and forth in the bedroom, an angry and outraged look on her face, while Brett cowered in fear and sorrow on the edge of his bed. "I hoped you enjoyed yourself. Because as of now, you will be punished severely." Phyllis told Brett in a cold and spiteful voice. The puny Japanese boy gasped as his mother forcefully grabbed his face, causing his lips to pucker slightly as Phyllis snarled, "And if not for the fact that no one will have you, I'd be glad if you’d died sooner or later." Phyllis scoffed as she ripped her hand from her son's face, leaving Brett alone in the bedroom as he cried. His father walked in. "You are worthless! Because that is what you are. And that is what you will always be." Cornelius growled. Brett rolled his eyes and looked back into the mirror. "Do not roll your eyes at him." Phyllis barked. "Mom, please leave." Brett whispered quietly. "As if. Look, if you want to be a fag, be my guest. No one will ever love you anyways." Phyllis responded coldly. Brett just shook his head. "Whatever, Mom. Please leave, I need to finish getting ready." Brett said confidently. Phyllis scoffed in anger. "Mom, listen to me, for once in your life, listen to what I'm saying to you. I am never gonna stop being friends with Troy Bolton! I am going to stay just as I am and there is nothing you can say to change my mind." Brett angrily replied. "Excuse me?" Phyllis growled. "You're excused." Brett said, smirking. Phyllis went over to Brett and grabbed him by the face, pinching his cheeks together. "You better drop that stuck-up attitude or you will be sorry." Phyllis snarled. Brett tried to pull his face free but Phyllis only tightened her grip. "Please, let me go!" Brett cried out in fear. "Not until you drop that attitude of yours." Phyllis growled. She released his face and slapped him across the face, hard. "If you ever dare speak to me like that again, there will be major punishments." Phyllis said in a cold and murdeorus tone. "What, are you going to, punch me this time?" Brett said confidently, trying to hold back tears. "Don't test me, boy." Phyllis snarled. Brett sighed. "Let's talk first." she said, standing with her hands clasped in front of her primly. "You're a sneaky and cunning boy, Brett. Not to mention you possess the tendency of a homosexual." she said. "So?" Brett’s voice shook. "So... You could be valuable to us." Cornelius said. Hauntingly casual, Phyllis slowly walked up to Brett. "Your grades seem to be slipping, Brett." she said. "What do you mean?" Brett asked innocently. "On the contrary, you'll be punished. I guarantee it." Phyllis said with a devilish smile. She stepped over to him, her heels clicking softly on the hardwood floor. Phyllis leaned down. "Because your father has a very unfortunate punishment for your... behavior. And so will young Troy Bolton. And anyone else we decide upon. Do you understand?" she whispered in Brett’s ear, uncomfortably close. Brett's face drained of blood. His eyes stared into open space, appearing calm but masking his racing heartbeat and sweaty palms. His own parents were threatening to hurt everyone he loved, and he knew they weren't bluffing. "Brett, do you understand?" Phyllis snapped, and Brett kept himself composed. "Yes, Mother." Brett shuddered, answering with a croak. "Good." Phyllis stood straight, her eyes still watching Brett's reaction closely with distaste. "You can go to eat your breakfast now." Cornelius said. The dining room was set as always, and the Shimura family sat smiling as they joined him; a flawless façade. Phyllis started the pointless table gossip just as Brett sat down and a plate of fruit, toast, and eggs was put in front of him. "Our faggot of a son seems to be worried about something, dear." Phyllis said. "You just read my mind, honey.” Cornelius replied, glancing subtly at Brett. Brett sat up straighter in his chair, clearing his throat. "Could I—" Brett said but was cut off. "Unfortunately, it would be unwise to allow you to go to school with that Troy Bolton." Cornelius snarled. Brett’s eyes fell to his lap. There was a pressure on his shoulders and head; he wanted to curl up within himself. Tuning everything out, Brett almost didn't hear his mother’s voice call across the table emphatically. "Brett, I asked you if you cleaned your room." Phyllis said again. Brett blinked rapidly. "Um, yes. I... I cleaned it. I just miss going to school, seeing my friends, you know. And everything else." Brett said hesitantly. "Yes. Well. It's time you leave that all behind." Cornelius said. Brett looked over at Cornelius, and he shied away from his gaze, avoidant and guilty. "It's a long story, Brett..." Phyllis said dismissively as she picked at her plate. "We've hired a private tutor for you, and that's all you need to know." she continued.

Cornelius Shimura became a ball of rage as he mercilessly beat his son, spewing out a river of spiteful insults with every slap to the face. "You stupid, stupid, worthless boy!" Cornelius barked. Brett cried out in pain as he stumbled back against a wall, his eyes quickly swelling with tears of pain and terror. Cornelius grabbed Brett by the throat and squeezed tight, his nails digging into his son's skin. "YOU DESPICABLE, WORTHLESS LITTLE FUCK!!" Cornelius screeched. Brett let out a strangled gag as he struggled to speak, his vision blurring as he fought to stay conscious. Just as the growing darkness began to take him, Cornelius removed his grip on Brett's neck, causing him to fall to his knees as he coughed and gasped for breath. Brett shrieked as his father hurled a wine glass at him, the crystal shattering against the wall as it barely missed his head. "You little anorexic." Cornelius snarled as he marched toward his son, who was cowering in fear as he was backed into a corner. "This is all your fault. We were this close to buying a new car, until your little faggot-ass ruined everything." Cornelius growled. "If you weren't so desperate to convince the world that you're better than everyone else, perhaps you could've have bought a new car." Brett spoke up. Cornelius's face turned with anger. "How dare you—" he snarled. In the blink of an eye, Cornelius slapped Brett across the face, causing his son to stumble back as he cried out in pain. "Don't ever tell me what to do! IS THAT CLEAR!?" Cornelius shouted. "I'm sorry..." Brett sobbed, his eyes swelling with tears as he cowered in fear. "Yes, Brett. You are sorry, a sorry, pathetic, waste of a son!" Cornelius confirmed. Brett shrunk back as his father lashed out him, the insults tearing away at what little remained of his heart. Cornelius's eyes were completely devoid any emotion. "You brought this on yourself." he coldly said. Brett cried silently as he was alone on his bed, his knees pulled up to his chest as he cried, a newly gained bruise forming on his cheek. Brett jumped as his phone began to ring, the pain in his heart ebbing slightly as he saw the caller ID on his phone. Brett raised his phone up to his ear. "Hello?" Brett whispered. "Brett? Are you okay?" Troy asked on the other line. "Yeah. I'm fine." Brett quickly cleared his throat, trying his best keep his voice level. "I was just... watching Bambi. I always cry the mom dies. Did... Did you need something, Troy?" Brett said. "I wanted to apologize, for what I did at the locker-room." Troy apologized. "Troy, you don't have to—" Brett said. "Yes, I do. Do you think you could come by my place tonight? Please?" Troy insisted. Brett stayed silent for a moment as he got up from his bed, walking over to his mirror-closet to inspect the growing bruise on his face. "Give me twenty minutes?" Brett asked. "Okay." Troy's voice bubbled with a nervous excitement.

The second Brett stepped inside Troy's house, he was greeted with a big bear hug from Mrs. Bolton. "Brett, it's so nice to finally meet you. Troy has told us so much about you!" Lucille said happily. She released Brett. "You can call me Lucille. We are so happy you're here." she smiled gracefully. "Thank you." Brett smiled politely. "Mom, like I said before I called Brett, he is really shy upon first meeting. Give him a chance to warm up to you." Troy said with a soft smile. Lucille nodded and headed into the kitchen. Troy smiled at Brett. "Sorry, I should have warned you about my mom." Troy apologized sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. "It's okay. I just need to get comfortable." Brett chuckled. "Come on, I'll show you my room. Then we can go outside and shoot some hoops." Troy said. The Japanese boy blushed. "I think I'm going to start calling you Bashful or Blushy." Troy chuckled. Brett was so red making Troy laugh even more. Brett looked away, hiding his face. "Oh no..." Troy laughed went over to him and made Brett look back at him. "No more hiding, Wildcat. You need to embrace your awesomeness to the world." Troy said. Brett laughed but nodded. "I'm done. Come on, follow me." Troy said. They walked down the hallway to Troy's bedroom and went inside. Brett looked around and giggled softly. "Wow, I guess it's safe to say you hate basketball." Brett joked, chuckling sheepishly. Troy laughed with him. “Oh yeah, with a passion." he chuckled sarcastically. "So... what do we do now?" Brett asked shyly. "Whatever you want to do. It's your day. Today is all about you." Troy said, smiling happily. That made Brett blush. "I— I don't know. Um... I just normally do what people tell me." Brett stated. "I'll give you options and you can pick." Troy said. "Can't you just tell me what to do?" Brett asked. "I did. I said you have to pick, that's what you have to do. We can play basketball, like I said earlier. We can watch a movie. If you don't like those ideas, I can come up with more." Troy suggested. Brett was quiet for a minute. "Basketball, I guess..." Brett chuckled awkwardly. Troy laughed. "Okay, basketball it is." Troy smiled warmly. Troy led him outside. "If I were to ask you who or what makes you happy, would you tell me?" Troy asked carefully. Brett walked over to the edge of the yard and looked out. Sighing, Troy went over to Brett and put a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, Brett. I didn't mean to push so hard. I just... I hate seeing you so sad and I want to help make you happy anyway I can. I can only do that if you talk to me and tell me the truth." Troy said. He frowned as Brett pulled away ever so slightly. "What's wrong?" Troy asked. "Nothing. Nothing." Brett lied, forcing a smile. Troy noticed a faint discoloration on his cheek. "What is that?" Troy frowned. "What's what?" Brett asked. "That." Troy saw the mark on Brett's cheek, revealing a tiny bruise on his face. "Who did this to you?" Troy asked angrily. Brett said nothing, his heart desperately pounding to escape his chest as his blood turned to ice. He forgot to apply the makeup evenly. "This is why you've been acting so weird lately, isn't it? You've been hiding this from me all this time." Troy realized. Brett stayed silent, his entire body trembling in fear and shame as his eyes started to swell with tears. "Brett, don't cry. Don't cry." Troy pleaded. "It's going to be okay." The blue-eyed jock forced a weak smile as he looked into Brett's eyes, his dark brown orbs trapped in a state of absolute terror, causing a lump to form in his throat. "I'm going to make sure this never happens again. I just need you to tell me who did it." Troy promised. Brett stayed silent. He blinked slowly as the tears continued to rain down his face. "My... parents." Brett whispered, barely slipping past his lips. He saw Troy's eyes widen. "Your parents did this to you?" Troy asked, horrified. "Before it was just s... slaps to the face. Then they started... chocking me. And after school yesterday..." with every word, Brett's voice began to tremble more, a strangled sob escaping his lips as he chocked "My dad... assaulted me." Brett sobbed. He buried his face in his chest as he cried, gently wrapping his arms around himself. "How long has this been going on?" Troy asked, heart-broken. "The abuse? Since I was seven." Brett revealed. "Why didn't you tell me?" Troy asked gently. "I didn't want you to hate me." Brett sobbed. Troy pulled away from him ever so slightly, his ocean-blue eyes trying to meet Brett’s dark brown orbs. "Hate you?" Troy asked, stunned. "You think that I'm special? My own parents don't even want me." Brett hung his head in shame. "I'm worthless." he cried. Troy could hardly believe his ears. "Brett, look at me..." he told Brett, gently placing a hand on his shoulder, forcing Brett to meet his eye. "You are not worthless. Or unwanted. Or unimportant. Remember what I said to you on the first day of school? You are the epitome of a warrior. Now how many people can say that? Brett Shimura, you are the most confident, kind, amazing person I have ever met. And there is nothing that could ever make me hate you." Troy emphasized. Brett stared at Troy for a moment, the rivers of coming to a stop at his friend's kind words. "You really... you really think I'm that important?" Brett asked in a pessimistic tone. Troy gave him a brief smile. "I do." Troy said warmly. "My parents don't think so. They despise me. Why do they hate me?" Brett asked, giving Troy a heart-broken look. "I don't know." Troy simply said, not knowing what to say. "I work so hard to please them. To give any reason to love me. But all they do is hurt me." Brett's eyes stung as a new river of tears began to form. "I know." Troy quickly pulled Brett into his arms as the skinny Asian wept, gently rubbing small circles across his back as Brett trembled in his arms. "It's not your fault, Brett. Never forget, it's not your fault." The blue-eyed jock gently said. "Does anyone else know about this?" he asked. "No. No one." Brett answered between sniffles. "You can't tell anyone!" Brett insisted, recognizing the look on Troy's face. "Promise me you won't tell anyone." Brett begged in fear. "Brett, you can't go back to that house. Please, let me help you. I can tell my parents and get you to—" Troy begged. "No! I can't leave them, Troy. They are all I have." Brett pleaded between tears. "Okay, okay." Troy gently said, blinking slowly. "I promise I won't tell anyone. But you need to do something for me." Troy choked out. "What's that?" Brett sniffled. "Spend the night." Troy said firmly. "Spend the—" Brett's eyes widened in disbelief. "Troy, my parents will literally murder me." Brett exclaimed. "I have an idea. Wait for me while I talk to my parents. I'll be back as quick as I can." Troy promised. A little while later, Troy came back, smirking at Brett.


Get'cha Head in the Game

The instant Brett walked through the giant doors of East High School, he was greeted feverishly by dozens of cheerleaders and excited students. Banners were hung, and balloons were flying. The school mascot was jumping joyously around the halls, stirring up excitement. Everyone was clad in their East High, red and white, attire — from the Science Geeks to the Punks, everyone was dressed entirely in red and white. School spirit and exasperating enthusiasm filled the air like a potent tear gas. From the classrooms to the hallways, no where could he escape the exuberance that was East High. "Brett!" He heard a familiar voice call, turning around to see a bright and cheerful Taylor McKessie. They said their greetings and Brett was quick to ask her heading question. "Why's everyone dressed..." Brett stopped pointing to a student, face painted half and half. Red on one side and white on the other. His clothes consisted of red pants rolled up to his knees, revealing white tube socks with 'EAST HIGH WILDCATS' written down the sides. On his shirt was a picture of none other than Troy Bolton, the background being the rest of, what Brett presumed to be, the basketball team. "...that?" Brett finally finished, utter confusion ringing his face. "It's spirit week! The basketball championships are next Friday!" Taylor cheered in an idiotic 'duh' tone, she herself fully spiritually dressed. Brett reeled in awe. "If the game's next Friday, and today's only Wednesday then why is all of this," Brett quickly motioned to everything around her, banners, bands, and balloons. "...necessary?" Taylor didn't answer for quite some time, obviously taking Brett's question into thought. Then after minutes of suple pausing, she spoke. "Honestly, I don't know. But it's a blast!" Brett mouthed a simple 'oh' and headed off to his locker. He made his way, moving slowly through the crowd, cautious not to bump into anyone. He reached his locker only to find it surrounded by a circle of boys, hoisting up a normally dressed Troy Bolton.

What I've Been Looking For


Stick to the Status Quo


When There Was Me and You


Bop to the Top


Breaking Free


We're All In This Together




  • Considered to be a character who's deeply struggling with depression.
  • After hearing Brett's entire story about his parents, we can understand why Phyllis and Cornelius, and Brett have such a contentious relationship.
    • Brett has been struggling with his sexuality for a long time, causing his parents to belittle him and completely despise him, and it made Brett not love himself.
    • The angst and the anger about not being loved by his own parents, made Brett fall into very deep depression.
    • However, upon meeting Troy Bolton in the Pilot, Troy helped Brett explore that love for himself.
  • Throughout Season 1, Brett is consistently bullied and harassed by Bobby Hatchery.
  • Troy Bolton serves as a physical symbol of hope in Brett's life and speaks with a gentle tone.
  • He has (or had) a crush on Troy, until Brett meets Charlie Lerman.
  • Brett has become convinced throughout his life that a truly admirable person is never scared of anything, and Troy's apparently dauntless nature rubs on a sore spot in Brett's soul, for he wishes he could be the same way.
  • Brett shows symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety.
    • He seems to also suffer from depression, which can root from PTSD. He became mentally unstable as a result of being sexually abused as a child and with the loss of his older brother.