Mess with me and you'll regret the day you ever thought you could take me down!

Bobby Hatchery is the notorious sociopath at East High School. He is often shown antagonizing and intimidating other students. He's a bully who thinks its funny to almost run down his classmates and assault people in the school hallway. Bobby is shown to be extremely obsessed with intensely tormenting Brett Shimura in a delusional rage just because Brett is interested in boys than girls.

In addition to being a complete sociopath, Bobby is also snobby and unpleasant to any he sees himself as superior to, which is almost everyone, and he is clearly pleased when he doesn't have to pretend to be nice anymore. He would have happily ruined any person’s life who he viewed as a threat. That was the thing about Bobby, he never liked to get his hands dirty unless he had to. Or the job was just best done himself. Bobby is an extremely psychotic, arrogant, selfish and uncaring person, who regularly hangs out with the likes of Weston Miller, and the other Wildcats. However, when it comes to Bobby, he has shown a psychotic side, and will do whatever it takes to protect himself, including orchestrating violent attacks and attempted murder. It is suspected that Bobby's sociopathic behavior is a result of his incestuous home-life. As well as being intensely sadistic, Bobby is consumed by megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur, even though he is absurdly un-skilled at being kind, making far more problems than he solves (though he is literally unable to see this and un-apologetic for doing so).

He is shown to be a complete monster. At the end of the day, behind Bobby's excuse of torture, this is what he truly is. He shows no qualms about betraying and attempting to kill others for power despite knowing him for a decade, he has no regard to the lives of his own kind, he only cares about himself. Bobby is a sociopathic jerk who continually teases, harasses and mercilessly bullies his un-popular, and fellow outcast classmates for their differences. He is an extremely cruel, sadistic, manipulative, and ruthless bully. He is something of a misanthrope, and callously bullies his targets. He would go so far as to target the supremely weak individuals in the school.

Bobby displays such a profound lack of character from start to finish, it's impossible to imagine a scenario in which he can atone for his many sins. He even runs away from the chance to speak at Brett’s depositions, further putting distance between himself and the fact that he set off a sequence of events that would deeply damage Brett. He spread sexual rumors involving Brett around the school to save his reputation when a photo of Brett kissing a boy was leaked by himself. Bobby is selfish, manipulative, cowardly, uncaring and unconcerned about others well-being. The thing he cares about most is his reputation. He does most things in school to expand his influence and strengthen his farce of being good and caring. Under pressure, he'll always think of himself first.

He's not only so selfish, he sacrifices a friend to save his name, he covers up his diabolical schemes to have it silenced and shows noremorse towards Brett. He also shuns Brett for his sexuality, even at one point calling him an "attention-seeking faggot" because of his status on the campus. He refuses to admit that the rumors he concocted are absolutely false, calling Brett a "Fag Boy." He refuses to accept being responsible for his part in Brett's depression. The majority of Bobby's insults tend to run on the homophobic side, or imply his victims are un-masculine. Bobby fits the criteria for being a sociopath extremely well but generally shows indications of other issues. He is an absolute perfectionist and insists on being seen as flawless at all times, freaking out if anyone sees him as any less, he plans things far in advance, he is obsessed with proving how smart he is at every opportunity, reacts to minor slights and inconveniences with extreme anger and wrath, he has no empathy what-so-ever, he is completely incapable of admitting to being wrong about anything, he is obsessed with trying to change the people in his life and freaks out if they rebuff him, he tends to see people in black and white terms and he lies and cheats with no remorse at all. Add in his childhood and it's clear something is seriously wrong with him.


Known as East High's sociopathic bully, Bobby Hatchery is extremely ruthless, cunning, vindictive, arrogant, remorseless, cruel, callous, psychopathic, manipulative, sadistic and selfish. He is utterly incapable of appreciating the well-being of others and found the idea of bullying to be rather enthralling. He is not only unable to understand why causing other people pain and suffering was something he should not have been doing, he enjoyed it immensely. Bobby is not afraid to voice his opinion or backchat, and nearly always has an insult or sarcastic remark. He has a knack of making people love him, including parents and teachers, which often comes in handy. He is constantly rolling his eyes and making stupid, immature innuendos. He insults people a lot, but afterwards will usually make a joke, almost as if to trick people into thinking that he is being a nice guy. He phrases his insults as compliments a lot, too, another way that he only comes across as rude to the victim of his remarks. He joyously speculates and hugely enjoys the agony of Brett Shimura, and plays sadistic schemes on him; picks on him and other social outcast students and is known to be quite dramatic. He records acts of evil, or willingly let himself carry out evil actions. The suffering of others is a matter of complete indifference to Bobby; where he gets positive pleasure over it he would also be known as a sadist. He is a 'spur of the moment' type of guy, though this is probably less to do with being brave and mysterious, and more to do with stupidity. Bobby is not one to over think things or plan ahead, and has no idea what he will do after high school. That being said, he is sneaky and cunning, and what he is good at, he is brilliant at. This includes, but is not limited to; sports, maths, science, geography and lying. He is, however, terrible at English and has no interest in books. He doesn't really take anything seriously, including messing with people's emotions, and so he uses flirting as more of a hobby, though he does use it for benefit. His looks probably help, too. Bobby sees himself pretty high on the 'attractive' scale, something which not many people would agree with.

He has a very harsh sense of humor. He finds it more hilarious when it involves the anger or suffering of suffering of someone else, which is why he enjoys comebacks and sarcastic remarks. A lot of the time, when he insults people, it's not on purpose, but rather because he thought the joke was funny. That being said, Bobby is good at insulting people intentionally. He has a simple rule: Find a flaw, then expand it. For example, if someone has a bit more acne than usual, you comment on the overwhelming amount of spots on their face, or on a bad hair day comment on their hairstyle, or if they have skinnier friends, they tend to be more vulnerable to comments on weight. He takes your weaknesses and exploits them. If you hadn't guessed already, Bobby is not a very nice person, and he also has a very bad temper, with a taste for revenge.

Bobby possesses all of the classical traits of a sociopath: an outrageous temper, is delusional, and quick to torment and harm anyone who displeases him. Bobby is a completely sociopathic, vain, cruel, spoiled, rude, shameless and heartless jock who abuses his lonely classmates mercilessly and tries to make their lives miserable using many humiliating ways, and these happened because he thinks that he's the “Bad Boy”, the best man in East High and that he has the right to judge and punish everyone every time he wants in every way he wants. He thinks that they deserve it because they're different and he doesn't want to be punished because he think's that he did the right thing.


  • Is the epitome of cruelty and sadism in the entire series.
  • An amateur psychological diagnosis of Bobby identifies him as a sociopath — someone who is unable to feel normal emotions. Bobby also most likely has Antisocial Personality Disorder, which is the need to manipulate people and violate their rights, and displays some symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • Is a very cruel and vindictive bully. He despises social outcasts, mercilessly bullying them, especially Brett Shimura, due to his sexuality as being gay.