β€œ Mess with me and you'll regret the day you ever thought you could take me down! ”

Bobby Hatchery is a bully at East High, and former best friends with Weston Miller. He is often shown antagonizing and intimidating other students. Bobby is a jerk who thinks its funny to almost run down his classmates and assault people in the school hallway.

Personality and Traits

Bobby Hatchery isΒ a 'spur of the moment' type of guy, though this is probably less to do with being brave and mysterious, and more to do with stupidity. He is not one to over think things or plan ahead, and has no idea what he will do after high school. That being said, he is sneaky and cunning, and what he is good at, he is brilliant at. This includes, but is not limited to; sports, maths, science, geography and lying. He doesn't really take anything seriously, including messing with people's emotions, and so he uses flirting as more of a hobby, though he does use it for benefit.

That being said, Bobby is good at insulting people intentionally. For example, if someone has a bit more acne than usual, he commented on the overwhelming amount of spots on their face, or on a bad hair day comment on their hairstyle, or if they have skinnier friends, he tended to be more vulnerable to comments on weight. He takes your weaknesses and exploits them. If you hadn't guessed already, Bobby is not a very nice person, and he also has a very bad temper, with a taste for revenge.


  • Bobby Hatchery is one of the most cruel characters in the series.
  • He has little to no inhibitions and he would do illegal things if he thought he could get away with them.