Bobby Hatchery is one of the most sadistic students of East High School, who constantly bullies weaklings, because he finds it "incredibly amusing." Bobby is a sociopathic bully who continually teases, harasses and mercilessly bullies their un-popular, and outcast fellow classmates for their differences.

Bobby is an extremely cruel, sadistic, manipulative, and ruthless bully. He is something of a misanthrope, and callously bullies his targets. He would go so far as to target the supremely weak individuals in the school. Bobby is shown to be extremely obsessive: he is intensely obsessed with tormenting Brett Shimura and Ryan Evans in a delusional rage because Brett and Ryan are interested in boys.

Bobby displays such a profound lack of character from start to finish, it's impossible to imagine a scenario in which he can atone for his many sins. He even runs away from the chance to speak at Brett’s depositions, further putting distance between himself and the fact that he set off a sequence of events that would deeply damage Brett.


Desperate being a bully, Bobby Hatchery is a highly intelligent, calculating, ruthless, violent, cruel, sadistic, unstable, manipulative, and vindictively vengeful sociopath. He is the perfect personification of evil and cruelty, a satanic and monstrous bully responsible for bringing evil of all kind and chaos to East High. He is a highly black-hearted, and sociopathic high schooler — a tactical genius and capable of manipulating any situation to his advantage. Bobby could control, corrupt, and twist anyone's minds into obeying and trusting him to do his evil bidding with just his words. Bobby possesses all of the classical traits of a sociopath: an outrageous temper, is delusional, and quick to torment and harm anyone who displeases him.

He joyously speculates and hugely enjoys the agony of Brett Shimura and Ryan Evans, and plays sadistic schemes on them; picked on them and other students and was known to be quite dramatic. He records acts of evil, or willingly let himself carry out evil actions. The suffering of others is a matter of complete indifference to Bobby; where he gets positive pleasure over it he would also be known as a sadist.


  • Bobby is the epitome of cruelty and sadism in Season 1.
  • Bobby is the secondary antagonist for the majority of the series, but is ultimately kicked off to make way for the true main villain to take over.
  • Considered to be one of the most evil characters in the entire series.