Mess with me and you'll regret the day you ever thought you could take me down!

Bobby Hatchery is a bully at East High, bringing evil of all kind and chaos. He is often shown antagonizing and intimidating other students. He's a sociopathic jerk who thinks its funny to almost run down his classmates and assault people in the school hallway.

Personality and Traits Edit

Bobby Hatchery is extremely rapacious, tenacious, manipulative and psychopathic teenager, described by many as "the ultimate definition of high-tech sociopath". He has a ton of insecurities. The only way he knows how to communicate is through verbal or physical abuse. He brings other people down in order to build himself up: a classic bully.

He is driven by primarily the greed, the want to own everything he can get his hands on. His knowledge of computers and general tech rivals, and he is equally informed about technology. His influence within the technological world allows him to major access within the criminal underworld. Bobby is arrogant, with a tendency to gloat about his perceived victories, which blinds him to the smaller details. Bobby is content to work in the shadows and orchestrate schemes behind the scenes, his reputation palpable enough to make other hackers fear and respect him. Bobby does not value family or honor or love, and views those who work alongside him (willingly or otherwise) with a mindset similar to that of Weston Miller (a means to an end). Bobby is a believer in choice theory and accountability. Both beliefs are intrinsically tied to him need to control situations and people using exploitative methods. He phrases his insults as compliments a lot, too, another way that he only comes across as rude to the victim of his remarks. He joyously speculates and hugely enjoys the agony of Brett Shimura, and plays sadistic schemes on him; picks on him and other social outcast students and is known to be quite dramatic. He records acts of evil, or willingly let himself carry out evil actions. The suffering of others is a matter of complete indifference to Bobby; where he gets positive pleasure over it he would also be known as a sadist.

He is a 'spur of the moment' type of guy, though this is probably less to do with being brave and mysterious, and more to do with stupidity. Bobby is not one to over think things or plan ahead, and has no idea what he will do after high school. That being said, he is sneaky and cunning, and what he is good at, he is brilliant at. This includes, but is not limited to; sports, maths, science, geography and lying. He is, however, terrible at English and has no interest in books. He doesn't really take anything seriously, including messing with people's emotions, and so he uses flirting as more of a hobby, though he does use it for benefit. His looks probably help, too. Bobby sees himself pretty high on the 'attractive' scale, something which many girls would agree with. That being said, Bobby is good at insulting people intentionally. He has a simple rule: Find a flaw, then expand it. For example, if someone has a bit more acne than usual, you comment on the overwhelming amount of spots on their face, or on a bad hair day comment on their hairstyle, or if they have skinnier friends, they tend to be more vulnerable to comments on weight. He takes your weaknesses and exploits them. If you hadn't guessed already, Bobby is not a very nice person, and he also has a very bad temper, with a taste for revenge.

Trivia Edit

  • Bobby Hatchery is one of the most cold-hearted characters in the series; he has little to no inhibitions and he would do illegal things if he thought he could get away with them. In the first season, he harasses his classmates, and then tries to straight up murder.
  • This bully is very similar to Biff Tannen from Back To The Future:
    • Coerces Brett Shimura into doing his homework.
    • Drinks alcohol and drives.
    • Manhandles women who are clearly not into it.
    • Gets physical with guys who are clearly smaller and weaker than he is.