β€œ It's just a bad day, it's not a bad life. ”

Andrew "Andy" Adams is a foreign-exchange student fromΒ LondonΒ who goes toΒ East High. He is Brett Shimura's first crush, first kiss, and first love.

Their young love, while doomed, was already a done deal, even though only a handful of words had passed between them. However, their first encounter – eased by a certain kind of self-effacement – would consolidate the emotions Brett had already elicited in him, just as the lashes to his eyes had already tugged at something in Brett's heart.

For Andy, he is described as being the most (and only) caring, and loyal best friend of Brett. His romantic feelings for Brett have brought the two of them closer more than ever. Andy's true sexuality, he keeps hidden from his parents in fear that others including Brett's parents may not accept him. Brett's the only one that knows the truth, having shared multiple kisses with Andy before they were broken up by Brett's parents.